Safety Glow Signs store ambient light and glow in the dark. Safe, dependable and practical. No energy source is required. From emergency marker, egress, hospitals, schools or for your home.

13384Since the conception of photo-luminescent materials for life safety systems, there have been many “CHEAP” variations of glow materials produced and sold. Obviously price drives everything, but you don’t want to risk your life, with ” The Cheap stuff!” Most people don’t realize that the World Trade Center towers had photo-luminescent materials. The problem was the materials made at that time were junk! Failed products included tapes, paints, and vinyl film products. After the reports of 9-11 were completed, a large number of recommendations came to add photo luminescent signs and egress materials, but also to improve the quality by adding stringent testing requirements such as (UL 1994) to help insure public safety in high rise facilities.

Photo-Luminescent egress signs and materials have improved dramatically since that tragic day. New technologies have brought a new generation of High Performance Phosphorescent materials which produce fail proof results!

page3We are the experts on PL Signs and Materials and all of our products have been independently tested to the highest standard of quality by UL. New standards in accordance with International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC) 2009, 2012 and the Latest 2015 chapters include and require the use of (PL) emergency exit signage and egress systems. Key components of life safety evacuation systems require a product that is fail-proof when all else fails. That’s where low location, Photo-Luminescent directional signage and egress marking systems can save your life. Only (PL) is 100% non-electrical and 100% fail-proof.

The signs automatically glow when the lights go out! Not only can these signs save your life, but that same technology can be applied to your everyday life outside the office. Increase the awe factor with our new Customized Photo-Luminescent Signs!

Customized with your design too create your own Sign! Photo-Luminescent Signs store ambient light and glow in the dark. Safe, Dependable and Practical. No energy source required. From Emergency markers and egress systems, to customized signs for your home or special event.

coverWhere to use?

Use Photo-Luminescent signs in Hospitals, Schools, or for your Home, choose the size and content! Safety is our business and with Safety Glow Signs you can protect your family in power outages and enhance visibility of obstacles and information in the dark. We offer the only retail availability of high quality PL Signs direct from the manufacturer.

Where to buy?

Check our Signarama for more information about this new product on the dedicated Glow Signs product page.


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