When you enter a large building, you’re usually first greeted by the lobby which is all too often an unused, unwelcoming space. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With well-designed and vibrant lobby signs, your building’s lobby can make a great first impression on both employees and visitors!

The lobby is a great place to display your company logo in a grand way, whether with a striking vinyl sign or customized banner. Prominently displaying your company logo comfortably welcomes employees into the building, and also publicizes your business to visitors and potential customers.

The lobby is also a crucial place for directional signage. Use this entry space to clearly direct people to the proper elevator or stairway, to the proper floor to reach your offices, or to restrooms. Part of helping people feel welcome is helping them find their way; nobody likes the feeling of being lost.

But don’t stop at the lobby: hallways are also underutilized spaces that could display your company’s achievements and attract potential business. Take the opportunity to post wall displays in your hallways that showcase your company’s community service efforts. These displays could include pictures of your employees giving back through community events and explanations of their efforts. You could also showcase your employee of the month with a customized wall display or sign, or highlight any other achievement that would boost morale and interest in your business through a wide variety of creative signs on walls and doors.

Whatever your business, you want to make sure you wow people when they enter it. Our expert design team can help you find the best way to market your brand in your lobby and hallways. Banners, custom signs, and wall displays can do just that in typically under-utilized spaces like hallways and lobbies. To explore Signarama’s wide variety of signage options, take a look at our website. We can’t wait to help you enliven your lobby and your business!


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Way-finding and Directional Signs with Braille Help Everyone Find Their Way

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Simpson University’s New 45-Foot Moving Billboard Will be Hard to Miss

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*Article originally published on June 23, 2009 Simpson University will be sporting a new custom-wrapped motor coach athletics bus to transport its athletes. Signarama, Redding’s locally owned and operated business, partnered with the university to create the one-of-a-kind bus, complete with a bigger-than-life Red Hawks logo, on campus for the first time. Signarama Redding, said, “We wanted […]

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