Signarama Salutes Our Veterans

by Signarama on October 20, 2016

Veterans Bring a Unique Set of Skills to their Small Business.

Signarama recognizes the tens of thousands of service men and women who have served and put their lives at risk to keep this country safe. We also support our veteran franchisee owners who bring pride, enthusiasm and unsurpassed quality to their Signarama business every day.

Veterans bring a unique set of skills to their small business, such as the ability to handle complex and changing situations with calmness and focus. Their military background also provides them sound planning and excellent organizing abilities. They can operate in an ever changing environment with a positive attitude while setting an example and inspiring their team.

“Owning your own business can be a real challenge. If you were a successful team leader during your term of service and were able to accomplish the task at hand by bringing subordinates and superiors together, you should be successful at running your own business,” said Bill Evans of Signarama Columbia, MD.

Harry Titus of Signarama Kingston, MA, stated that being dependable plays an important role in both the Army and in your business. “You need to be there every day for your customers and your team. Providing excellent customer service and making sure the work is done on time will lead you to success. Just as complete the task or mission in the Army usually leads to success.”

Many Veterans have a vested interest in where they live, they are committed to making their community a better place to live. Small businesses can support their efforts and thank them through signage at events or charity events. Through Signarama VetFran program, we offer discounts off our franchise fee based on years of service.

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