Custom floor mats are a terrific marketing and branding opportunity for your company which must not be ignored – it’s just too good an opportunity to miss.Wingate Inn floor mat

All companies need floor mats for daily operation, whether they are branded or not – door and entrance mats are put in place to protect the interior floor surfaces, keep them clean and give a professional appearance to your corporate offices, store, manufacturing unit or even a light industrial unit, for example. It only makes sense to utilize the opportunity and put custom floor mats in place.

There are three basic designs and categories of custom floor mats:

• Entrance mats – protect the interior floor of the property and provide a welcome to guests.

• Interior mats – can be used in many different situations around your business property.

• Scraper mats – are particularly useful for keeping the interior of your property clean and dry.

A word of warning – we’ve all seen the comedy sketches where someone polishes a floor to within an inch of its life, then places a mat on top of the shiny surface – the results of which are not really funny at all. Whatever type of custom floor mats you use, make sure that they have a rubber backing for skid and slip resistance if they are to be used on a polished floor or surface.

Using Custom Floor Mats at the Entrance to Your Company Property

If you emboss your entrance mat with the company name, brand or logo (or a combination of the three) you are certainly being proactive with branding as visitors and clients enter your property. Using custom floor mats in this way provides an extremely cost effective method of accomplishing not one, but two tasks – first of all, they can help to keep your property clean and promote a safe environment, and secondly, they can help to augment your property’s branding strategies.

The design you choose for any of your custom floor mats can make a big difference to their effectiveness, however – although there is no such thing as a “bad floor mat design” there are certainly some that will achieve your objective much better than others.

• Keep it simple – after all, people are going to stand, wipe and step over your doormat, not stand on it for five minutes to read tons of text and decipher complicated graphics. Simple designs are much easier to read and have a sharper appearance. Your visitors will only glance at your entrance mat for a couple of seconds at the most, so that’s how much time you have to get your message across. Pick out a simple graphic or logo in a good color combination which really stands out – that way your company custom floor mats will really get the message across.

• If your company does have a quite complicated logo with 3D effects, for example, don’t worry. The full glory of your company’s logo can be achieved easily with the latest digital printing technology. 3D, multi shades and other complicated designs sit better on carpet style door mats rather than door mats made from rubber or vinyl. Extremely eye catching, multi colored logos can be reproduced using the finest technology with extremely vivid images.

• The orientation of your custom floor mats is an important consideration at the design stage. Do you want your design to be portrait or landscape – in other words vertical or horizontal in orientation? Think about how and where your floor mat will be placed before you decide upon the best solution. If the mat is to be used across a doorway at the entrance to your property then you will need to go for the horizontal or landscape design so that the message will be upright as the visitor enters your property. If custom floor mats are to be used to extend inwards, however, then a vertical design may work better. It is important that the logo and/or slogan is upright and easy to read.

• It is also important to tie in your logo or branding with other marketing materials utilized by your company – you need some sort of continuity across your entire marketing strategy.Although we’ve already spoken of the importance of simple designs, you can incorporate more than the company logo or slogan if necessary. Take inspiration from your company website, business cards, banners and business signs – whatever marketing materials you have.

• Choose your colors carefully. We’ve already established that you need to keep the design of your custom floor mats in line with your other marketing and branding materials, but it’s also important to choose colors which contrast for the best effect. If your marketing materials have been well designed, this should not be a problem because you should already be utilizing fabulous color combinations. If your logo / branding / design has lots of dark colors, then choose a light colored floor mat, if your logo / branding / design has lots of light colors then choose a darker floor mat. If the colors of your custom floor mats tie in with the your company logo, property décor or employee uniforms, for example, the design should give a much more professional look to ensure that visitors and guests quickly tie in the two and associate the logo on your floor mat with your company.

And that really is all there is to it. Contact a professional design and printing service for further help in deciding the type of floor mat you need and let them help you create the perfect custom solution for your property.

Utilizing custom floor mats will help to create a very cost effective and productive method of getting your message across to guests and visitors, as well as giving a professional appearance to your company property.

Remember that these options are also very portable, so can be utilized to great effect at exhibitions and trade shows, giving your trade stand a professional appearance which coordinates nicely with your business banners and signage.

When it comes to marketing, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to make a lasting impression. Custom floor mats allow you the luxury of branding a space that is often forgotten.


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