Whether your commercial or retail property has one window or thirty, window graphics are an excellent way to maximize the advertising potential of your businesses’ exterior. Innovative designs, informative content and visually stimulating artwork can compliment your corporate identity and increase brand awareness. While many store owners focus on their interior floor space, Signarama encourages you to think outside the box, or in this case, the window! The windows of your commercial property represent precious real estate guaranteed to capture the interest and attention of passersby, especially those at a distance. Office space for rent? Addition of new products or services? Let the experts at Signarama develop a custom window graphics solution to enhance your overall marketing and advertising efforts.

Types of Window Graphics

Window graphics involve covering a larger surface area to provide maximum coverage but can also include smaller designs in the form of window clings or decals.  Some of the types of window graphics are:

  • One way vision film – A digitally printed graphic, one way vision film enables privacy from the inside out. Customers on the exterior of the window are not able to see in, but enjoy the full benefit of a well designed, promotional display.
  • Window film – Fully customizable, window film can be made to fit any style glass window or door.
  • Etched window graphics- Ideal for a high end look, etched window graphics provide maximum visibility and a clean, open feel.
  • Full color – Designed to get the most out of the space, full color graphics are a bold, effective way to capture attention.

I Can See Clearly Now – The Benefits of using Window Graphics

The benefits of incorporating window graphics on the exterior design of your space go beyond just improving the aesthetics of your business. Signarama’s window graphics provide a creative way to give your customers privacy as they browse inside your store and can also serve as a vehicle for promotional advertising. For business owners who are still undecided as to which signage options would work best for them, consider the many advantages of having window graphics as part of your advertising strategy:

  • Promotions – As a cost effective, yet impactful means of promotion, advertising your on-going specials or limited time offers, full color window graphics in particular, provide the ideal tool for reaching your customers. Window graphics are not only limited to just store fronts. Placing window decals on your company car can extend the reach of your promotion wherever you go.
  • Brand recognition – As an added layer of branding, window graphics can display the information needed, such as logos, websites and more, to create lasting impressions for potential customers.
  • Stand apart from the crowd – In areas where retailers are vying for consumer attention, having an eye catching design displayed on your store front’s windows is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition. Taking your exterior display from bland to exciting will garner interest with your customers.
  • Privacy – For some businesses, such as banks or insurance companies, interacting with customers on the inside requires a degree of privacy and security from outside eyes. Large scale window graphics are an ideal way to interject an element of discretion for those indoors while maintaining visual interest for those outdoors.
  • Protection from breaking glass- The application of a full size window graphic can provide added protection to the window, especially in a retail environment. In the unfortunate case of the window breaking, the application of the graphic film can help prevent the glass from shattering more than usual.
  • Projection from heat and UV light- Similar to the effect of a tinted window, the application of solar control films can aid in the reduction of harmful UV rays and keep the interior of your space cool by keeping the sun out.

While the application of window graphics seems simple, professional installation and removal by your local Signarama team is always recommended. Not sure which type of window graphic to go with? Let our sign experts provide a customized solution that can take your windows and turn them into cost effective, yet highly impactful tools that showcase who you are as a business. Call us today to learn more about our window graphics solutions, designed to transform your business, get you noticed and get more customers through your door.


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