Popup banners are an excellent way to draw attention to a particular product at the point of sale and trade show venues. They are not only cost effective, but extremely portable. Popup banners are a great tool to create a relationship with a customer and to show a new customer what your store can do for them. Since popup banners aren’t as expensive as other signage options, they can be used as a “foot in the door” to help a fledgling company pilot a new promotional program.

For customers who plan on using the popup banners at a trade show, at the end of the day, it is easy to fold up the banners, place them into a canvas bag, and store it until next time. If you’re at a trade show, expo, or fair where you’re able to make sales, then the banner is an ideal way to display pricing and payment information, photos of the product in action, and a few of the benefits.

Popup BannerRetail locations have found value in popup banners, too. They help promote certain products, as customers have the freedom to change out the banner as the promotions change. Customers can even bring their banner into their local Signarama store so our trained employees can swap out the old banner material for a new, updated one. However, it’s simple enough that customers will often change out their old banner material themselves.

There are some units that allow for easier change out than others, and we typically like to use these units rather than their more complicated cousins. Some customers who launch new promotions on a seasonal basis will sometimes order all four popup banners at the start of the year and change them out as the seasons and the promotions change. However, most clients find it easiest to order the banner material a few weeks before the season ends, especially since we only need a few days to turnaround the new banner.

For more information on popup banners, please visit the Signarama website. You can also find the Signarama store nearest you with our online store locator.


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