We all know Black Friday is the greatest season for retailers. 

2017 predictions are all focused on online sales and how brick and mortar businesses continue to adapt to new buyers.  You may not be Target or J.C. Penney, but you can strategically plan how to adapt to the new retail experience and signage can be a key component in your game plan!

  1. Keep your website updated and keep an eye on it! Be sure you know who is visiting your site, how often, and find ways to engaging them online.  Be sure your website name is easy to remember and incorporate it in your storefront, whether in window graphic, printed on your receipts, or on a coupon.  If you have no web experience, you can hire help or become a student of it yourself.
  2. Keep signage fresh! Even a sandwich board needs a new insert from time to time.  SBA studies show freshening a sign graphic increases foot traffic and gets you noticed.  Don’t let your signage get tired so when YOUR buyer drives by they see you and, in turn, do an online search to successfully find you!
  3. Coordinate your messaging. Any message you want to emphasize this season, whether a discount, sale or new inventory, be sure you are cross-promoting consistently from email marketing to web site to your storefront.  Buyers respond to repeat messaging.
  4. Don’t forget “What’s best for my customer?” Spend time and money learning more about how and why your customers buy and respond to THEIR needs.  Longer hours during the holidays, free delivery, and prompt and friendly online responsiveness can make the difference!  Last minute shoppers need your help!

Merge your online and in-store presence to ensure your clients are seeing you and can find you online this holiday season!


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