4 Unusual Uses for Banner Stands

by Casey Valiant on July 3, 2014

While banner stands are normally a trade show display property, they can actually be used in a variety of settings. When you need a bright, colorful display that people will actually take the time to read and look at while they’re walking — as opposed to regular business signs that people drive past — banner stands are the ideal solution. Here are four unusual uses for banner stands.

1. Museum Information Panels

Banner stands for U of Southern IndianaRather than printing out plain panels with nothing but text (which can be difficult to read if there’s a lot of it), consider using banner stands instead. You can use large photos of different pieces of art for the background, overlaid with white boxes filled with text. This lets you keep with the theme and feel of the curated collection, and help engage people even further with the collection. You can also lay it out so everything is easier to read.

2. Point of Sale (POS) Displays

Retail and CPG (consumer packaged goods) marketers who want to promote a particular item could place popup displays in specific stores as a way to attract attention to their product. Since the traffic in those stores is foot traffic, you can even list a few features and benefits. You can even capitalize on people’s impulse to buy with something that will attract more eyeballs than a brochure, small sign, or TV playing a 5-minute infomercial.

3. Emergency/Temporary Directional Signage

We’ve seen enough emergencies and disasters to know they can happen anywhere at any time. There are organizations dedicated to providing services and relief during the follow-up, but one of the problems they have is being able to direct people to the different relief stations. Banner Stands could be a solution to the problem.

If standard signs need to be placed at a recovery site, such as Administrative, Donations, Volunteer, Blood Donations, etc., rather than a hastily scribbled sign with 8.5 x 11 paper and a black marker, why not store banner stands in the “go kits” every disaster agency has? They can be placed and moved as needed, and they can be large enough to attract attention, and even be printed with special instructions for people at the recovery site.

4. Trade Show Backdrop Display

We’ve written about this one before, but we’re hoping it will catch on. Rather than spending several thousand dollars on a popup trade show display, consider using three or four banner stands as your trade show backdrop. They’re smaller, lighter, and easier to install, and they even cost less than traditional backdrops. Each stand fits into its own carrying case, and you have everything you need for assembly. Plus, you could even buy a wheeled case to hold all of the stands, and wheel it to and from your different shows.

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