Golf Signs Can Be Any Shape You Want

by Casey Valiant on March 8, 2016

Golf signs seem to fall into a certain type or style, but they’re not limited to that. Most golf signs we see are the tear drop flags, planted near the tee, using a nylon material for the flag. We don’t mean the flags used to mark each hole though. Rather, these are signs you can use to thank your sponsors.

Here are a few examples of golf signs you can use for your upcoming golf tournament or charity event.

1. Yard signs

These are the typical political/house for sale signs you find in many front yards around the country. Thanks to our wide format printing, we can make as many custom signs as you need. It doesn’t matter if we’re running one or 100, we can customize each sign so you can thank sponsors individually. Print one sign for each hole, as well as other important stations throughout the course.

They’re also one of the least expensive options, since they’re easily produced. Just slide the sign (which is like a plastic bag) over the metal frame, and you’re set. Storage of the frames and disposal of the signs is very easy.

2. Plywood and gator board signs

Golf Signs from Signarama Troy:Madison HeightsSave these for the big signs used at the clubhouse or registration desk. Again, with our wide format printer, we can turn a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood into a two-sided full color sign with every sponsor logo and message you can fit into 32 square feet. You’ll need to either lean this up, or will need a sizable set of posts to hold this up, so be prepared for some additional work to haul and install.

We can also use gator board (corrugated plastic sheets), or other stiff materials. (We’ve even printed to doors in the past. Not that you need a door at golf tournament, I just like to show off a bit.) The gator board is lighter, which means installation isn’t as difficult. And we can score and fold it into special shapes, as you can see in our photo (courtesy of Signarama Troy/Madison Heights).

3. Custom cut signs

With an onsite laser cutter or CNC router, we’re able to cut some materials into any shape and configuration we need. As long as we have the right pattern, and your local Signarama store has the right equipment, you can cut signs into the shapes of golf balls, golf carts, a cartoon mascot, or any other shape or object you can think of. Imagine having a 24″ cutout of the president of each sponsor as the hole sign, or creative directional signs pointing the way along the course.

4. Vinyl banners

If you don’t want anything as big and permanent as a plywood sign, then vinyl banners are your better bet. Again, we can do full-color photographic quality, but the difference is, you can roll up the banners so they can be easily stored until next year. And if any of the information changes on the banner, we can even create custom patches to place over the outdated information.

Golf signs can literally come in any shape and size. It’s just a matter of what kind of image you want to convey and the information you want to share. If you would like help creating your own golf signs, talk to your local Signarama professional. You can find them with our online store locator. And to learn more about golf signs in general, please visit the Signarama website.

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