5 Things to Know When You Buy Your Sign!

by Maggie Harlow on May 12, 2017

As a sign company, we work with clients of a wide range of knowledge about signs, and we enjoy them all. Sometimes we get to help guide a client through options and budgets, and sometimes they come to us completely prepared to buy the exact product they want.

For those who want to walk in the door a little more prepared, we thought we would share 5 things anyone should consider before they make their purchase.

  1. Product is driven most often driven by price. Be ready to talk about what you want to spend. I’ve spent more hours of my life quoting projects that make clients fall out of their seats with sticker shock, so I’ve learned to start up front with conversations about budget. Whether your budget is $500 or $50,000, have some sense of what you can afford to spend so we can focus on finding ALL the options in that price range. (see our “Sign Budget Calculator” for more info!)
  2. Think about what you want this sign to accomplish. Consider carefully your audience, their viewing distance, what information should be included, and what you want the audience to think or feel when they see it. Many times I have had clients come in to buy a simple panel sign when in reality, they need a lighted sign as most of their clients are visiting at night. Check out your competitors’ signs, look at similar businesses in similar locations and you’ll find lots of ideas.
  3. Be economical when you can, but buy enough of what you need. I’ve encouraged a client or two to buy a really inexpensive sign because they are testing out a new market, or are in a location for a short period of time – save your cash in a start up for other expenses. That said, with some start ups the sign is CRITICAL – like a restaurant. Don’t skimp when the sign is a critical part of your business image!
  4. READ YOUR LEASE! Be aware of what your landlord may require BEFORE you sign. We can help you with city permit regulations for your area, and what rules will apply, but only YOU can negotiate something in the lease, and only BEFORE you sign!
  5. Allow enough time. Often clients wait until the last minute to order their sign. By then due to time, we only have a few options of products, they have to spend money on a temporary sign, or pay for rush fees to get the sign done on time. Planning ahead also ensures you have budget set aside for what you want.

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