A Business Sign On the Inside

by Mary Mills on August 13, 2013

A business sign should not be relegated to the outside of your store.  Certainly those signs hanging out front, or on the street attracting people driving by are of great importance, but what about the signs within your store or facility?

Any building that holds a business will need at least one business sign within, as well.  Have you ever walked into a big corporate building, where every hall looks the same as the last?  The interior of these large buildings is completely uniform and visitors typically have a hard time navigating through to the proper location.   A business sign within these buildings is absolutely critical.

For these purposes a business sign could be a directory listing in the front lobby or foyer, or a larger logo sign above the door to your actual space.  For some locations, both are necessary to help your customers find your location.

Business SignMany companies even use business signage within the four walls of their facility.  After all, a business sign does not have to be used outdoors.  This business sign could be as simple as a small plaque above the reception desk within your space, such as at the dentist or doctor’s office.  Or, maybe it is just a well-designed menu board with your company’s name scrawled elegantly above your restaurant’s new offerings and promotions.  A business sign could even be found on a digital sign within your store, which may be located in a corporate office building or in the mall down the street.  Whatever the type of business sign it is, it is just as important to the success of your business as those on the exterior.

Aside from attracting a client to your store, office or facility, branded signage ensures that your customers have the chance to make a connection that could lead to future sales.   Branding builds consumers who are loyal to the products and services your company offers.   So, it is important that branding images extend well beyond the business signs outside your door.   Ultimately, a business sign within the location can give the customer the reassurance that they are in the hands of the business they elected to support.

It is safe to say that having a business sign inside, as well as outside, can have a big impact on the way your company is perceived by consumers.  Partnering with a signage company that understands branding and has the ability to create custom signage options will be key to your success.  Many sign shops also have the capability to print other branded signs and materials such as banners, trade show displays and other marketing materials.

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