Banners Can be a Permanent or Temporary Solution

by Mary Mills on November 5, 2013

Banners can make a big difference to your company, business, organization, or event – whether they are temporary to promote a single event or occasion or a permanent advertising solution designed to inform your customers and potential customers for many years to come.

Choosing the right types of banners is essential. Some are perfect for a temporary indoor solution, other banners can withstand the rigors of an outdoor life.  Some will last for many years, and others may start to look faded, worn, and fall into bad repair very quickly if they are raised in the wrong type of situation for their materials.Banner on a church

 Choosing Permanent Banners

Of course nothing is ever really permanent, but some banners can last for a very long time, even when they are out in the full force of the weather.

The best types of banner for permanent use are:

·         Heavy grade vinyl banners.  These banners can last for a very long time even when they are used outdoors. Heavy grade vinyl banners are very cost effective, versatile, and long lasting. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be printed on one side or both, with almost anything you choose. Heavy duty vinyl banners can be made to measure to really get the message of your business, event, or organization across.  This type of banner can be set-up simply and easily, either across a wall front or above your business premises. Other alternatives include hanging this type of banner on a pole or across a street.

·         Mesh banners, which are also suitable for outdoor permanent use and are perfect for hanging across walls, etc., with only one side of the banner printed. Mesh banners are extremely durable and hard wearing and can sustain the weather for many months of the year. These are particularly suitable for use outdoors in extremely windy locations.

The fixing of these permanent business banners is very important and needs to be taken into account before choosing your banner. Some will have ropes strung along the top and bottom edge for added strength, some will have their corners strengthened by grommets, and others will have brackets / hangers for hanging along fences, walls, etc.

 Choosing Temporary Banners

There is also a very real need for temporary banners, which can be displayed for a short period of time or used at events and exhibitions for just a few days before being taken down, stored, and prepared for the next occasion.

The best types of banner for temporary use are:

 ·         Lightweight vinyl banners, which provide a more temporary solution than their heavy duty counterparts, but can play a very important part in promoting your business or event.  Lightweight vinyl banners can be printed on one side only or both sides, depending upon your needs. They are easily raised and taken down again, folded, stored, and transported to another venue if needed for trade shows, exhibitions, etc. They can also make a fabulous display at things like summer fairs and fetes.

·         Fabric banners are another fabulous temporary solution, although they do last for many years if they are cared for properly. This type of banner is washable, lightweight, and affordable and is a very popular choice for trade shows and exhibitions etc.

·         Inflatable banners. These banners are terrific fun and can make a real impact to promote your business. Although this type of banner can be used over a long period of time, many clients prefer to use their inflatable banners to create a short, sharp shock for their customers and attract them to a particular short term event. Inflatable banners are available in all shapes and sizes and some clients actually choose to rent instead of buy this type of banner, as they are often used only for special occasions. Inflatable banners are sometimes filled with sand or water to weigh them down or can alternatively be similar to a bounce house and powered through an electric motor which fills the capacity of the banner with air.

·         Retractable banners are another popular type of temporary banner which are often utilized at exhibitions and trade shows.  These are another type of banner which are easy to install, transport, and store and are an extremely affordable method of helping your business to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

 Whatever your business, organization, or event, there is the perfect banner to help with your promotional needs. Whether you choose a permanent or a temporary sign solution, there is a choice in banners for you to choose from.

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