Banners: Choosing the Right Materials Makes the Difference

by Mary Mills on October 8, 2013

Banners are available in many different types and grades of material. It really is important to choose the best materials for your needs – such a wide choice of banner materials is available because it makes a difference. Different types of banners are suitable for different conditions, so make sure you are informed before you make your choice to ensure that the banner you get is the best for you!

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banner

Custom vinyl banners are one of the most popular types of banner around – and for a very good reason. Vinyl banners are versatile and cost effective, providing the perfect banner solution for many types of businesses and occasions. Heavy duty vinyl banners are perfect for outdoor use and provide a durable, environmentally friendly way to advertise a business or organization. Vinyl banners are very versatile and available in thousands of different colors, limited only by your imagination. Different grades of vinyl are available with some heavier grades being perfect for outdoor banner solutions while lighter grades are more suited to indoor use. Vinyl banners can be custom made to any size, and made to fit any budget. They are extremely cost effective, making them perfect for temporary signage. They are also easy to erect, as well as to take down and store for future use, making them perfect for trade shows, community events, etc. Vinyl banners can be printed with any custom design, including fonts, colors, photographs and images.

Fabric Banners

Fabric business banners make the perfect washable, lightweight solution to your business banner needs, making them a great choice for many trade show displays. Fabric banners do have some advantages over the more popular vinyl types of business banner, which have been traditionally used at trade shows. Specifically, they eliminate glare and scratching which can occur on vinyl banners over time. They also have a more “homey” feel than many vinyl types of banner. In addition, they are lightweight, easy to wash and easy to transport. Some fabric banners may have a tendency to get wrinkled if they are not stored carefully, but any wrinkles can be easily ironed out. If you decide to choose fabric banners to advertise your business you must remember that there are regulatory codes from the NFPA – National Fire Protection Association – about the use of all fabrics at trade shows.

Mesh Banners

Mesh business banners are another option which can be fully customized for commercial and business use. They make the perfect option for both long term or temporary signage needs and can be customized to fit all sizes and budget. Mesh banners can be printed on one side making them the perfect option for placement against walls, where only one side of the banner will be printed and displayed.

Inflatable Banners

Inflatable business banners are not only great fun, but also a very effective form of banner advertising. These are particularly suitable for short-term needs – the short, sharp, shock treatment to get your customers talking. Inflatable banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, although some areas do need permits in order to use this type of business banner. Inflatable business banners are available in a great range of sizes, colors, figures, and shapes and can be fully customized to suit the individual needs of a business. Some inflatable banners may be filled with sand, some with water; many are tied down using ropes and weights. Inflatable banners usually work on the same principles as the bounce houses that are so popular at children’s parties – powered through a regular wall plug with an electric motor continually pushing the air into the inflatable banner in order to keep the shape.

Which Banners to Choose

Choosing the right materials for your business banners really depends upon many factors. Before deciding upon the type of materials you need for your custom business banner you need to think about the following:

• Where will your business banner be displayed? Will it be displayed indoors or outdoors?

• What weather conditions is your business banner likely to face – howling winds? Scorching

sunshine? Freezing frost?

• Do you want your business banner to be durable enough to last for a long time or is it

needed for a brief period, perhaps only for a particular advertising campaign?

• Do you need your business banners to be printed on both sides or on one side only?

• Does your business banner need to be easily erected, removed, stored, and transported?

Choosing the right materials for your business banners can make a world of difference. However,there are so many types of materials available, that there is sure to be something perfectly suited to your budget and needs.

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