Benefits of Vehicle Wrap Certification

by Mike Northcutt on September 3, 2013

Having a vehicle wrap certification helps Signarama customers as much as it helps the Signarama store owners. I have a vehicle wrap certification from Oracal, the American brand of the German company, Orafol, and I train our franchisees from our home office here in Florida.

We certify our franchisees so we can ensure we all follow the same standards and practices throughout Signarama. We want to make sure customers get the same high quality results from any store across the globe. People can be good at things by learning skills on their own, but can develop bad habits and skills they think are good, but in the long run, are detrimental or will lead to failures.

Car Wrap - Signarama Convertible 3 - frontIn going through the vehicle wrap certification classes, installers learn how to choose the best material for a project to give the longevity and quality a customer needs and the best way to install the vinyl on each particular project. It also covers proper material handling, so we know how to avoid cutting paint or damaging the vehicle, which eliminates return visits for repair issues, or future repair jobs on issues we didn’t know about.

We also learn how to sell and market the vehicle wrap projects, as well as large digital prints. We cover everything from design concepts to sales to print to installation to quality control.

Certification takes two full days on site. It covers everything from the cast and calendered types of vinyl, using the products, using output profiles from the different types of printers, and lamination tips. We also have a hands-on session to test the installers to ensure they understand how to install the product, to run through gaps and body lines, and to use a heat gun properly.

The people who attend the class already have a solid understanding of how vinyl wrap works and how to do installation. They need to know some basic design and how the digital printer works and even some vehicle wrap basics before starting the certification process.

For more information on getting a vehicle wrap, visit the Signarama website. You can also find your local Signarama store with our online store locator.

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