Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

by Mike Reese on June 5, 2012

Company Truck Wrap and Storefront

Company Truck Wrap and Storefront

Impact is everything! You’re trying to be noticed in the crowd, even as you drive around. Enter the vehicle wrap. Done properly, a good vehicle wrap will get way more attention than just your standard vehicle graphic.

For any business, impressions and eyeballs are important in marketing. The more people who see your message, the more likely you are to earn business from it.

A vehicle wrap generates impressions at a rate of about 700-1,000 impressions per mile that you drive in your community, based upon your community’s demographics and location. So, the impressions are huge for the cost — the more you drive it, the lower the costs per impression. At some point, you will hit a nearly-zero cost because you have reached so many people, the cost can be measured in hundredths or thousandths of a cent ($.00001 per impression).

Our Van & Truck Wrap
Our Van & Truck Wrap

At my SIGNARAMA store in Ventura, California, we have two vehicles that are wrapped — a van and a truck. We have just completed the re-wrapping of the truck, after letting it sit empty for a couple of weeks. Just like the shoemaker’s children going without shoes, we had a lag time between unwrapping the truck and then rewrapping it (because we were so busy wrapping customers’ vehicles).

I have to tell you, I’ve had this wrap on for about three years, and when it was removed, I felt naked. I felt like my business was slipping when we removed the wrap and didn’t replace it right away.

My impressions were slipping and I needed to increase my outflow somehow, so we increased some other areas of marketing — but nothing replaces the vehicle wrap and the impressions it makes. What it did for my business was measurable — we had a significant increase in noticeability.
Here’s an example: The very first trip I took with my wrapped truck was to the city of Ojai, California. We had five phone calls before I got back to the shop. True story! It was a wild wrap, designed to grab attention, and it worked. Ojai is a very eclectic and artistic community, and combined with slow speed limits, led to a good show driving through town at lunchtime.

Our customers also give us feedback all the time. Their business increases, and any company that wraps their vehicle has a much more professional appearance; a magnetic sign on the side of a car door doesn’t quite give the same impression.

Wraps aren’t for every business, but for the majority of businesses out there, it is the best and cheapest way to get noticed immediately in the community.

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