Big Marketing for Small Businesses

by Alicia Peregory on July 7, 2015

All businesses large and small need to consider their branding and messaging when marketing themselves. Big Marketing for small businesses includes good branding that is memorable and consistent across all marketing efforts including signage, commercials, web presence, and print. In order to make your branding memorable and consistent, it is smart to consider using one service to handle all of your printing efforts.

An All-In-One Package

When your new business opens up, you will need some marketing materials immediately. This includes business cards, outdoor signage, a brand logo, and any required ADA signage. The most important piece of your branding package is your company logo as that will appear on almost all of your marketing material. Your logo will be present on your business cards, outdoor sign, vehicle signs, and brochures. When designing your logo, be aware that your logo will be in multiple locations and will need to be effective in all mediums – print, television, and web.

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Consistency in Colors

A good designer can tell you that not all print labs are created equal and even when you use a color code when designing, that color might print slightly off when sent to different labs. When designing your logo or other branding assets, find a printer who is consistent and stick with them. There are hundreds of variations of every prime color and when sending your branding to a printer you might notice that your colors are slightly off from the colors you saw on your computer screen. Sticking with the same designer and printer ensures consistency when you’re designs go to print.

The Power of Good Branding

When designing the branding for your business consider the longevity of your design. Does it include a lot of trendy design elements that might not be relevant in 5 or 10 years? Consider the font you’re using and whether or not it will stand the test of time or if it will be mocked in 15 years (think Comic Sans). Your logo should be timeless and simple but still memorable. A good logo design will take a long time to strategize and design so plan on spending the time to find what fits. Once you have a first draft for your logo, show it to friends and family and ask them for their honest opinion. Consider their feedback and make adjustments. When you’re pleased with your logo design, add it to a business card and show them again… Does it stand out to you? Would you save this business card or toss it? All of these elements will be important to you in the long run so listen to the feedback and make changes.

Your branding tells a story so when developing the design for your business, find the right printer and designer for you. Signarama offers several services to help you kick off your new venture. Contact us today to help you find the packages that work for you!

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