Big Things Afoot at Signarama Framingham

by Jeff Newman on February 20, 2014

Signarama Framingham has a lot of irons in the fire right now, and we’re proud of our many different projects. But there’s one we recently completed that turned out to be one of the largest we’ve ever handled, at least in terms of scope and global reach.

That’s because we were dealing with a global rebranding for 100 locations in 16 different countries, and it all had to happen at exactly the same time.

Signarama Framingham 1We’ve worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a large billion dollar corporation, for about eight years, handling the rebranding any time they acquire a new company. They recently acquired Life Technologies, which had locations all over the world. This time, we were asked to help rebranding efforts in 16 different countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, England, France, Canada, and, of course, the United States, and work with 32 different Signarama stores.

Because we have Signarama stores in each of those countries, it was easy to coordinate with my cohorts so that the day the acquisition was final and each country’s regulations had been cleared, we were able to make the switch to new Thermo Fisher Scientific signs. The scope of the project was so large, that every store worked directly with their local Life Technologies group to produce the right signage. Thermo Fisher Scientific provided Signarama Framingham with the branding guidelines, and each store then managed the design, fabrication, and installation for their locations.

There were many different styles of signs created, including logo mats (floor mats with a logo), exterior wall signs, lighted channel letter signs, monument signs, dimensional letter signs, interior lobby signs, parking lot signage, directional signage, and interior signage. My job was to project manage all of these signs, making this my sixth rebranding project for Thermo Fisher Scientific, and our biggest to date.

I was especially proud of how each of the Signarama staffs handled the work, with professionalism and efficiency. The project demonstrated the power and capability of Signarama on a global scale. From one location in the United States, we were able to roll out a signage system throughout multiple countries, all at the same time, and all orchestrated in tandem through many different stores. No other sign company in the world is capable of this kind of reach and flexibility, and it reminded me of why I’m proud to be a part of this team.

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