Business Sign 101: Changeable Letter Signs

by Mary Mills on April 15, 2013

One business sign commonly overlooked by many business owners is the changeable letter sign. This basic business sign is the kind usually seen on a sidewalk as an “a-frame” sign. Larger versions are also routinely used in front of schools, churches, stores and restaurants. If versitility is important in your business sign, changeable letter signs might be a great option. With the flexibility to update constantly, unique messages can be posted to advertise sales, promote a cause or draw in new business.

Changeable letter signs are available in portable A-frame signs, all the way up to large signs in front of schools and churches.The changeable letter business sign uses up to four inch letters and can be upgraded to include eight inch letters and “sale/special” headers as well. The changeable letter business sign is either available in black or white, and many of them are created from recyclable materials, making them an environmentally friendly option. The changeable letter boards on taller signs are removed and replaced with a suction cup on a very long pole.

In addition to the more permanent types of changeable letter signs, small business owners can also take advantage of “tip and roll” signs (signs with a large round weighted base that is tipped over and rolled into place), portable swinger signs (made with two heavy plastic feet and a sign that is suspended between them so it can swing), and “springer signs” (similar to swinger signs, but with heavy-duty galvanized springs to allow for movement in the wind). Some business sign makers can also create a quick-loading “a-frame” sign, which rests on slip-resistant feet. Best of all, it can withstand up to 30 mile per hour winds, because it has a ballast port that can be filled with sand or water.

To save money, some businesses may use an a-frame chalk board as their business sign, however this cost reduction strategy has some drawbacks. While the chalk board allows owners to be more creative and colorful, the changeable letter business sign is weather-proof and can be used in rain, sleet, or snow. Plus, some chalk signs cannot be weighted as easily, and could blow over in a stiff wind. They can also be erased if someone accidentally brushes up against it. Missed signage can equate to missed income, so it is important to invest in business signs that are durable and long-standing.

The changeable letter business sign makes a nice addition to any business’ marketing efforts. It is ideal for promoting time-sensitive messages that only need to remain in place for a matter of days. This way, the business owner can put up new signs on a daily or weekly basis, and pull the sign in at night to avoid the possibility of damage, vandalism, or other acts. For more information on a changeable letter sign, check with your local SIGNARAMA store.

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