Business Sign 101: Directories

by Mary Mills on March 27, 2013

When thinking about a business sign, many companies often overlook the importance of a directory sign or digital directory. These signs can be found in many different places. Office buildings often have directory signs posted outside the elevator to show which floor a company is on. Directory business signs are found throughout airports, informing travelers where to pick up their tickets, find their gate, or retrieve their luggage. At museums, directory signs are responsible for guiding visitors to various exhibits. Malls often place digital directories throughout their floors to help shoppers find their favorite stores.

Directory Sign PiazzaDirectory signs can be as simple as plastic boards with vinyl lettering and numbering, or backlit boards made with translucent and opaque vinyl. Digital directories are hi-tech digital signs that change images or work as touch screens. They can be interactive, offering directional information as well as promotional materials or calendar items. Directory business signs all hold one thing in common, however, they give location information to the viewer.

While directory signs are typically made with plastic and vinyl lettering, quality business sign manufacturers can make directories with wood, brushed aluminum, high density urethane, and even engraved steel. The look of the business sign directory depends solely on the customer, their branding and decor, and the size of their budget.

Directories should never be an afterthought. It is best to involve a business sign maker early in the building or remodeling project, so he or she can get some ideas for the look of the signs and their eventual placement. They may even be able to offer some suggestions during the building process to make the signs easier to install, and more secure. Once installed, business sign directories are very easy to maintain. Since most of them are indoors, they only need some basic cleaning and dusting during the regular cleaning time.

For backlit signs, care and maintenance is just a matter of changing light bulbs on occasion. And for digital directories, the only maintenance required involves uploading new messages and new information. This can be done via computer, which is either hardwired into the digital directories through a phone line, or can be done wirelessly with extra wifi equipment attached to the business sign.

For companies adding to their business sign lineup for a large building or series of buildings, directories are especially imperative. They are critical to building visitors. For the best business sign directories, be sure to consult with your SIGNARAMA store to answer your specific questions about the project. They should be knowledgeable regarding sign placement and installation, and will often offer ideas and suggestions that can save money while still meeting the look and quality the building owner desires.

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