Business Signs: Try Custom Awnings

by Mary Mills on August 1, 2013

Business signs come in all different shapes and sizes.  And, with custom signage, you can choose what will fit best for your brand image, product or service.

Custom awnings are a great option for your business signs.  While customers seek shade and air conditioning from the summer heat, or a place to sit down while eating the summer’s new flavor of ice cream from inside your shop, think about offering them a little refuge just out front.

SIGNARAMA offers custom-made business signs, one of which is custom awnings.  Custom awnings can be a great way to advertise your business, while also maintaining a professional look.  And with summer here, what better time to consider a custom awning?

Custom AwningsBusiness signs are critical in promoting your business, and with SIGNARAMA’s help a custom awning may be the way to do just that.  Maybe your business needs to have a vintage look, or needs to fit in with those around it – a custom awning can be a wonderful choice in business signage, allowing you to create just the look you need for your business and location.

Custom awnings also have an extra bit of advantage: the entire awning does not count toward the square footage for some sign regulations, only the part that has the graphics on it. Therefore, you get a great space for your name and logo, but also get an extra aspect to your business signs as awnings instantly attract the eye of passersby.

Business signs are necessary, and once you know what you are trying to say to your audience through your signage, you will be able to decide which type of business sign is best for you and your company.

The professionals at SIGNARAMA can help you make that decision, by giving their advice and doing everything they can to create business signs that help get those customers running to your door.


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