Can You Make Waterproof Wall Graphics for a Shower or Shower Door?

by Alicia Peregory on October 15, 2015

Wall graphics can be applied just about anywhere. We’ve installed them inside offices, homes, and even gymnasiums. We’ve written about using wall graphics in your bedroom, living room, and even bathroom.

But what about using wall graphics in your shower or on your shower door. Don’t those need to be waterproof?

In a word, yes. They’re already fairly waterproof, since they’re made with vinyl. But the adhesive used to stick them to the walls could be an issue. For the most part, you can just install regular wall graphics in your bathroom with no problem. But if you’re going to put something inside your shower, that’s a bit different.

Frosted Window Graphics by Signarama Surry Hills, AustraliaIn those cases, we may recommend using vehicle graphics or outdoor window graphics. That’s because vehicle graphics are made to withstand all kinds of weather — blistering hot summers, frigid winters, and all kinds of rain, snow, and sleet. Even road chemicals and road salt don’t have an effect on vehicle graphics.

So imagine decorating your shower door or the inside of your shower with vehicle graphics instead. You could have a lot of fun with that. Turn the inside of your shower into an Italian marble showcase. Or the front of a waterfall. Or you could get a little crazy, and make it look like you’re showering in outer space.

With your shower door, you can put the graphics on the inside or outside of the door. You can even use the perforated window graphics we normally put on vehicles, and use that to give yourself a little privacy behind an otherwise clear glass door.

Using wall graphics in your bathroom can turn one of the most boring rooms of the house into one of the most interesting.

For more information on wall graphics in your bathroom or the rest of your house, visit the Signarama website. You can also find your nearest Signarama store through our online store locator.

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