Care and Maintenance of UV Signs

by Ian Wakefield on April 9, 2013

UV signs — signs printed on a UV printer — tend to be long-lasting and durable, but you can help extend their life with some basic care and maintenance. There aren’t any special cleaners or methods you’ll need, but basic cleaning methods will suffice.

Laminating Your UV Sign Helps

Most UV signs include a lamination process when they’re printed, which helps to protect the sign if it’s in a really abrasive area, such as in a high wind and dust environment (i.e. at the beach, facing a large parking lot, etc.)

Real estate signs are a perfect example of where lamination can help. While real estate signs are often printed directly onto steel, they are also laminated. This helps protect the image, but it also helps protect the sign’s surface as well.

Avoid Direct Sunlight, If Possible

California Sea Lion display created by a flatbed UV printerUV ink will fade about the same as any other ink when exposed to direct sunlight, and this is true for every sign and every sign maker. The more sun and weather exposure a sign gets, the more it fades. Exactly what fades varies from sign to sign. For some UV signs, it could be the laminate turning brown, or the vinyl underneath fading, or the print itself.

There are tools and methods you can use to help negate that. For example, street signs are enabled with engineer grade reflective vinyl, which helps them last 10 years or more. The price on this kind of vinyl is generally higher than regular vinyl, but in most cases, the vinyl will outlast the need for the sign, so the extra cost may not be necessary.

Does Cleaning Prolong the Life of UV Signs?

For some UV signs, like vehicle wraps, regular cleaning will prolong the life of a sign. But for others, it won’t make a difference. However, it will help your signs make a bigger impact on your customers.

Clean UV signs look nicer and will impress customers. Whether we’re talking about a vehicle wrap, window graphics, or even just a regular real estate sign, basic cleaning can help your signs look nicer and attract more positive attention.

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