Changeable Letter Signs Can Give You Company Flexibility for Promotions

by Alicia Peregory on August 29, 2014

Changeable letter signs are a durable, versatile way to promote your business. Sometimes called marquee signs, these changeable letter signs can provide limitless opportunities to entertain passers by and drive more traffic into your store or business. Changeable letter signs display messages with letters that slide into grooved tracking and can be changed as frequently as you’d like.

So how do these changeable letter signs work? Each changeable letter is screen printed onto a piece of clear plastic or plexiglass, and are usually available in different sizes and styles to suit your specific sign and your business’s needs. Depending on your sign dealer, you can typically order changeable letter signs that come with letter tracks and 4-inch or 8-inch  letters, which allow you to customize your message to your audience. Many sign companies also offer speciality lettering such as larger sized letters to promote sales, different text colors, or icons that can draw attention to your changeable letter sign.Changeable letter signs are available in portable A-frame signs, all the way up to large signs in front of schools and churches.

There are four main types of changeable letter signs available. One changeable letter sign type to consider is a Swinger sign, usually 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall, which are portable and easy to carry. Quick Loading A-Frame changeable letter signs could be another option, which are also easily portable and are also more durable than Swinger signs, but serve the same purpose. Tip n’ Roll changeable letter signs can typically hold up to seven lines of text, and include handles and wheels to make portability easy. Last but not least, Springer signs are taller, galvanized steel signs that are weather-proof and rust-proof.

Changeable letter signs are a great marketing tool because they can give your company so much flexibility in the messaging that you’re offering to customers. If you’re having a seasonal sale, a clearance sale, or other special promotion, a changeable letter sign is a great way to spread the word. If you want to advertise your hours during a holiday, a changeable letter sign can also help you accomplish this goal.

If you have a changeable letter sign and you’re considering changing up the letters or icons, there are a few steps you should take to make sure you order the right letters to match your changeable letter sign. First, check the panel height of the plastic on which the letters are printed. Next, check character height – to make sure that there’s plenty of visibility when passers by check out your sign. Next you need to consider panel thickness. Some changeable letter signs have options to add thicker or thinner letter panels depending on factors such as how long your outdoor sign will be used, if it’s being used for outdoor use, and multiple other factors.

The width ratio is another helpful thing to measure for aesthetics such as font style for your changeable letter sign. Some letters are condensed so you can include more letters on a line, whereas some letter types have a larger width ratio in order to be more easily seen from farther away. Another important thing to note is that for most changeable letter signs, the letter panels can vary in thickness, and if your panels aren’t thick enough they won’t be sturdy on your changeable letter sign. So, it’s important to note the channel thickness of the track where the letters are inserted, and make sure that the letter panels fit the changeable letter sign adequately.

Rather than handle all these technical specifications yourself, it’s best to work with a professional sign specialist. Professional sign specialists will be able to take a consultative approach in marketing your business. They will listen to your needs, consider your target audience, and help you select a changeable letter sign and letter styling that fits what you need. Some sign companies can also help you develop a custom changeable letter sign that fits your needs and your budget!

Changeable letter signs can be used by many establishments. Restaurants, schools, retail stores, churches, theaters, and more can all benefit from the flexibility provided by marketing with changeable letter signs. They can inform your customers about closings or special hours, performance times, clearance sales, seasonal promotions, and other special announcements. Changeable letter signs can also be used to make customers aware of a service or good that you provide that they may not be aware of. Or, you can also have a little fun with your marketing by including a funny quote or short joke on your changeable letter sign. The possibilities are endless and the bang for your buck that you gain by using a changeable letter sign is incredible, so call your sign specialist about changeable letter signs today!

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