Channel Lettering will Help Your Business Stand Out Among the Competition

by Mary Mills on May 1, 2014

Channel lettering is certainly nothing new, but it is amazing how your business can stand head and shoulders above the competition if you use them wisely.

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Think of the old neon signs and you won’t be a million miles away from the concept of modern channel lettering. Rather than the old neon technology, however, channel lettering utilizes LED lighting to make sure that your business message gets across – no matter the time of the night or day.

So how does channel lettering differ from other types of business signs?

Channel lettering really is comprised of individual letters – there is no sign base, just individual letters which are installed onto the side of your property, which can be illuminated and easily seen. Think about the old American Diners and you’ll be somewhere close, although these days many types of businesses benefit from channel lettering ­– everything from tanning salons to restaurants to taverns and stores can help their business stand out from the crowd utilizing this type of business sign.

Channel lettering is manufactured from sheet metal, often aluminum, which doesn’t rust into 3D shape – the back is cut out of this material to form the basic shape of the letter or logo (yes, logo designs can utilize channel lettering too, it’s not only for letters). The sides of the letters (aka the returns) are formed by using 3 inch to 6 inch wide strips and bending them around the back of the letter to form a solid shape – a little bit like a can. This letter can be colored to suit your design / logo or company branding and lit with LED modules or neon gas tubes, as required.

Channel lettering really comes to life at night when it shines brightly through the darkness and catches the attention of customers and passers-by.

It is important that channel lettering is installed somewhere on the building where it can be easily seen from as many directions as possible, of course, there should also be the infrastructure to allow the letters to be lit up when darkness falls.

One of the major benefits of choosing this type of business sign over more conventional illuminated business signs has to do with the city building codes. Traditional signs are measured by the size of the backing – the whole rectangular shape is taken into account when permissions are sought to display them on the side of the building. This is all taken into account for the amount of square footage allowed. Channel lettering is different because there is no backing rectangle, only the actual letters are measured and taken into account when determining the size and the amount of space which may be utilized for business signage. This allows for much larger letters in many cases, making them visible from much further distances.

Using LED to illuminate channel lettering has many advantages over using neon lights. Not only are neon lights pretty expensive in the first place, but they are also fragile and easily broken. Additionally mercury and other chemicals are utilized in the manufacture of neon lights, and these substances have now been found to be toxic and harmful to the environment.

We are all encouraged to look after the fragile planet these days with a real emphasis on “going green” – which is why the more energy efficient and Eco friendly LED technology has largely replaced the neon lights used in the new channel lettering. If the lights go out on your LED channel letters you can simply replace the Light Emitting Diode (LED) in the string, whereas if the lights go down on your neon light display, it means a whole new tube. One other advantage is the fact that LED lights can last for a very long time, which means that they will rarely need replacing.

Many business owners get understandably confused when it comes to choosing the best business signs for their marketing strategy, so it pays to contact the experts to discover your options. Business banners, business signs, custom printed floor mats, channel lettering, vehicle graphics, inflatable signs and more can be used to provide cost efficient, yet extremely effective marketing to help your company to grow.

Utilizing channel lettering for your business allows you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. After all, isn’t that what advertising and marketing is all about?

Don’t forget to discover whether your business logo shape can be included in your custom channel lettering design – it could make all the difference!



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