Classic Signage in Iconic TV Shows and Movies

by Alicia Peregory on May 5, 2016

Iconic TV shows and movies go hand-in-hand with memorable signage. There are classic signs we can all associate with specific TV shows or favorite movies we have watched over and over again.

In the classic Charlie Brown cartoon, as well as in many of the Peanuts comic strips, Charlie visits Lucy at her homemade psychiatric booth. Lucy’s booth is complete with a large sign stating the price (5 cents) and that the doctor is in. Despite her young age, Lucy clearly understood the importance of signage to promote her business.

And what about the wildly popular 90s sitcom Friends? Anybody who watched the long-running show probably remembers the group’s local coffee shop and hangout spot, Central Perk, whose classic signage became a staple of the show as well as of Friends merchandise. You can still find t-shirts and coffee mugs bearing the memorable image of Central Perk’s sign today.

Saved by the Bell, the beloved 90s teen show, was no stranger to signage either. The show routinely had banners and signs hanging in the hallways of Bayside High advertising everything from school dances to club events.

What about the bar where everyone will know your name? Who can forget the sign for Cheers, the bar, in the well-known sitcom Cheers? The show had such a huge following that people still flock to Beacon Hill in Boston to visit the actual location that started it all and peruse the classic signage.

Movies, too, often have memorable signage. In the iconic film Jurassic Park, and all of its sequels, the image of the theme park’s sign is probably something we have all seen at some point. It’s the sign not only used to brand items throughout the park . . . remember that Jeep that teeters off the edge of the T-Rex paddock?

Let’s not forget the reason behind the nightmares of many, the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. The neon sign of the Bates Motel is probably ingrained in every viewer’s mind as much as the movie itself is.

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