Color Change Wraps for Your Car or Truck

by John Robbins on March 14, 2013

Color change wraps are becoming a hot new item in the vehicle wrap market. These are popular with high end vehicles, and are cool to look at, durable, and can help protect the vehicle from damage.

Pink Car Wrap for SIGNARAMA Bossier CityBasically, a color change wrap will change the color of a vehicle’s painted surface. If you had a blue car, and you wanted a bright cherry red, you could either get it painted — changing it forever — or have a cherry red vehicle wrap applied to the car.

Instead of a completely new paint job, we can apply a vehicle wrap without diminishing the vehicle’s value. You could turn any color vehicle to any other color. We’ve seen Lamborghinis and Ferraris changed from bright red to matte black. Other SIGNARAMAs have created pink cars in support of breast cancer awareness; one SIGNARAMA in Pennsylvania even created a pink fire truck.

Since the color change wrap is not a completely new paint job, the original color is still intact. Just peel it off after several years, and the car is as good as new.

A typical color change wrap’s lifespan is about five years. However, a vehicle wrap that is cared for really well, cleaned and maintained, and kept inside the garage can last more than ten years. Plus, it protects the original paint job from dings, scratches, and damage. Any surface damage will occur to the wrap, not the original paint. That’s great news for the Ferrari or Lamborghini owner.

We’ve done some very interesting wraps at SIGNARAMA Redding, but our favorite has been a stretch limo. It was a simple change, but it has also been our biggest: we turned the limo’s gloss black color to matte black.

We’re only limited by our imagination and the technology available to us.

Let’s say you love chrome. Really love it. You’ve got your chrome rims and bumpers, but it’s just not enough. So what if you could wrap your entire vehicle in chrome? With the vehicle wrap printing technology today, you could actually have a chrome car.

We’re pretty lucky because our installer has been in the vehicle wrapping game for years, and has done some interesting projects in his time. He’s wrapped vehicles of all kinds, including some Dodge Viper trucks and even a Rolls-Royce Phantom for some Major League Baseball players. And he’s doing the same excellent work for us here.

Color change wraps are a cool way to give a vehicle a new look. They not only make cool cars look even cooler, but they last for years, and serve a practical purpose in keeping those vehicles protected. For more information on vehicle wraps, visit the SIGNARAMA website. And to find a SIGNARAMA store near you, be sure to use our online store locator.

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John Robbins has owned his SIGNARAMA store in Redding, California, since 2005 with his wife, Ashley. Before that, he worked in the telecommunications industry in make-ready engineering. They do a lot of printed signs with an even mix of everything. SIGNARAMA Redding has done a lot of vehicle wraps in the past, and John says they're one of the area's leaders for vehicle wraps. But he also says they do an even spread of every kind of sign work, and have four large sign printers on site.

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Chris Duncan March 30, 2013 at 3:02 pm

John and his team do fantastic work!

Thanks for the blog and the continued ideas!

Chris Duncan

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