Coordinating Wayfinding Signs Production

by Allison Kast-Eichenberg on January 22, 2015

Creating wayfinding signs takes a great team of people, first and foremost. Signarama Chandler has a top-notch design team standing by to receive the client’s ideas. Many clients don’t know exactly what kind of wayfinding signs they want or the specifics of the signs themselves. But if they have a goal in mind, we can help them come up with a series of signs that will give required information to visitors, it will add to the company’s image and vision as well.

It all starts with strong communication between our Signarama staff and the client. We have to be clear, thorough, and if anything, communicate more than is necessary, rather than less.

ADA Signs - Sutter Landmark Oncology (Signarama Santa Rosa)When we first start working with a client, our project manager will visit the site and map out all the signs we need to create. These include everything from the largest wayfinding signs in the lobby and outside to the little room number signs, from the arrow signs in front of the elevators to conference room and exit signs. If there are other wayfinding signs in the building, we’ll carefully photograph each one and note its dimensions, so we can create the new signs to fix in the old space.

If we’re creating brand new signs, we’ll examine the areas where the signs will be installed. We’ll look at the construction of the walls, whether we’re going to bolt the signs in place, or use adhesive. This helps us determine the materials we need, as well as certain design factors.

Speaking of design, we also make sure we show the client what the different wayfinding signs will look like before we ever start production. We use proofs, mockups, and models to ensure everything is correct. After the final designs are approved, our fabrication staff begins making the different wayfinding signs, and we’ll send our installation crews out on the client’s schedule, whether during business hours, or afterward, to get everything installed properly.

Since there can be a few hundred wayfinding signs in a single building, such as an office building or hospital, it’s important to keep track of every detail and possible complication. By working with a dedicated sign company who specializes in projects like this, clients can rest assured that their new signs will be done properly, on time, and on budget.

For more information on wayfinding signs, please visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find the Signarama store closest to you.

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