Cost & Impact: Why Illuminated Signs Illuminate Your Business’s Bottom Line 

by Signarama on November 10, 2017

Cost & Impact: Why Illuminated Signs Illuminate Your Business’s Bottom Line

Keeping your business out of the dark doesn’t have to break the bank. Put the spotlight on your business with an illuminated sign.


Illuminated signs are a simple and successful way to help bring in new business. They come in an incredible assortment of styles, materials and big, bright colors, making them one of the most customizable forms of signage in both style and price. Illuminated signs are designed to last and provide visibility from great distances, making them one of the most cost-effective ways to easily increase your storefront’s visibility. Help your business stand out with the right illuminated sign choice.


  • Illuminated Signs

From light boxes to LED displays, illuminated signs are cost-effective signage solutions that come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and styles. They are used for interior and exterior purposes, and are an ideal choice for almost any business that wants to be noticed. They are commonly used as directional signs, street signs or hanging signs, and are used to welcome customers anywhere, at any time, night or day. Designing a sign with your logo or brand imaging is no problem as these signs are completely customizable.


  • Illuminated Backlit Display Signs

Making advertising easier to read is always a good idea and works well in most settings and lighting environments. Backlit displays are an easy way to creatively display anything, but work particularly well for directories at malls, hospitals and office buildings.


  • LED Signs

Because of their flexibility, LED signs are a great idea in many settings. They allow you to adjust your message at a moment’s notice and are highly visible at night. Their energy efficiency also makes them an attractive choice. LED Illuminated signs are fully customizable.


  • Channel Letters

These are customized plastic or metal letters commonly used as exterior signage on commercial or public buildings. Channel letters come in a variety of fonts, styles and sizes and have neon or LED lighting options. Easily create brand recognition and improve visibility with this long-lasting illuminated signage solution. Channel letters don’t rely on very much power and are a great energy efficient illuminated signage solution.


  • Neon Signs

Neon illuminated signs are not just for the traditional “OPEN” or “CLOSE” sign, You can design something more specific and creative.  Neon signage is a great cost-effective way of improving visibility. Simply adding a Neon border can add dimension and stopping power to any sign.  Signarama offers a variety of styles, colors and size options for neon and argon illuminated signs.


With the right fixture choices, your illuminated signage advertises your business day or night. Making the best selection for your business involves some careful thought.


  • Placement

Keeping in mind where the sign will be located, inside or out, and the look and feel of your business as well as the style of your neighborhood will help you make the right choice. A bowling alley would not be a great match for elegant box lighting and neon tube signage would not work well in an upscale corporate office. What you choose for outside your business may not be the best choice for inside your business.


  • Materials

Illuminated signage is an investment in your business’s success so you will want to make sure the choice you make is durable and will stand the test of time and stand up to the weather, for outside signs in particular. Choosing the right materials for your sign choice can make all the difference.


Still not sure which type of illuminated sign to select for your business application? The sign experts at Signarama can help you make the right choice for your business’s illuminated sign. We can show you examples of each and explain the pros and cons depending on your setting and budget needs.  There is no doubt that an illuminated sign can help drive your sales in the right direction. This is an investment worth making and Signarama is happy to help you grow your business. Visit our site or call us today!


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