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by Mary Mills on October 17, 2013

Modular displays are one sure-fire way of making you stand out from the crowd – head and shoulders above your competitors (so to speak).  Well thought out, well designed, and well created modular displays can help to get your company’s message across and your brand name noticed.

Trade show pop-up modular displays take a lot of the headache out of setting up your stand – all of the hard work is done before you get there, leaving you to simply set up your pre-designed, pre-created modular displays and ensure a consistent, quality display for your business.  Modular displays are particularly popular at trade shows and events, although they can also be used to promote a special feature in the showroom, retail outlet and similar. They can be customized to provide you with a unique product designed to present your brand in an original way.  Whatever your brand, whatever your needs, whatever your budget – modular displays can be a real asset at trade shows and events, giving you the ability to make sure your company gets the recognition it needs and deserves.Hopup Tension Fabric trade show display from SIGNARAMA Lansing East

What Makes Modular Displays So Special?

The only real limitation to your modular display is your imagination – let it run wild and create something wonderful, something show stopping, something to get your clients talking.  Modular displays are created from lightweight materials, which means that they can be “super-sized” without any transportation or set-up problems.  Your company can have a gigantic physical presence at trade shows and exhibitions ensuring it will get noticed for the right reasons. Trade shows are full of exhibitions and stands all vying for attention, all trying to make the best impression – what better way to make an impression than by using a customized, highly visible modular display?

Modular displays can be the ultimate in modern style while being extremely practical – custom modular displays can blend the feel, the look and the features of your brand or product and help to reduce the costs of your trade show displays.  And, they can be used again and again to great effect.

Lightweight, easy to transport and easy to stand upright – modular displays really can take the headache out of setting up your trade show stand.

Modular Displays – Kind on the Budget

If you have a limited budget then a modular display just might be your best option. And, if your working week entails lots of traveling up and down the country to trade shows, exhibitions and fairs, then you will find a modular display very light and easily transportable. Modular displays can be used for different purposes and can often be down-sized to suit any size restrictions in a particular area.

Modular Displays – Grabbing the Attention

There is nothing more attention grabbing at an exhibition or trade show than a well designed modular display.  The flexibility in design make setup quick and easy, especially when you’ve had a bit of practice. Modular displays really do provide one of the most effective methods of showcasing your products or services at any type of show or venue you choose, which attracts potential clients and new business leads. Modular displays are designed to stand out with a great choice of designs, colors and messages.

Modular Displays – Need Specific

Modular displays allow you, the customer, to design, create and then customize your stand in order to meet all types of need.  They are versatile and incredibly dependable providing a consistent message week after week, month after month. Modular displays can very often be customized to a number of pre-designed specifications to suit the particular needs of the venue. Attractive lighting and multimedia technology can help to promote your products even further and make your modular display even more attractive.

Modular Displays – Versatility

The versatility available with modular displays mean that they can be adapted to suit any venue – no trade show, exhibition or venue is the same so it is important to have a certain amount of flexibility in your stand. Modular displays can be configured to fit into your specific area and can even move location if necessary. Modular displays are adaptable, durable and strong which means that they are suitable for many types of trade shows or conventions.

Modular Displays – Retractable Banners

Retractable banners make an important addition to modular displays. They are incredibly easy to use and transport with a variety of design options through simple online programs.  Retractable banners are available in a variety of models and are generally suited for indoor use.  Banners are made from the finest quality materials on retractable, rigid banner stands which are available in a choice of heights and widths. Retractable banners are available with a single sided message or double sided depending upon your budget and your needs.  Generally speaking any budget retractable banners will use lighter materials in their construction, but can still provide many years of cost effective, transportable service – getting your message across to thousands of potential clients and business leads.

Another advantage of using retractable banners as part of your modular display is the ease in which banners can be transferred.  New banners with a new message can be transferred to existing banner stands making them an even more cost effective alternative.
Retractable banners are easy to use; they quickly set up and take down and can be stored very simply between trade shows or exhibitions. No wonder so many companies have woken up to the benefits of including retractable banners to the modular displays.Floor model trade show display

Modular Displays – How to Get the Best Results

Getting the best results from your modular display unit is what it’s all about – you need your company display to stand out, get noticed, and attract plenty of potential customers.  When experiencing a show, the best situation for a modular display to get noticed is by being in a corner location, so if you can reserve corner spots for your trade stand then you have an even better chance of standing out from the crowd.

Whatever the size, shape or configuration of your modular display you’ll soon agree that it is a real asset for your company’s promotion.

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