Creating a Vehicle Wrap for Kid Rock

by Bob Chapa on September 27, 2012

SIGNARAMA Troy/Madison Heights recently got to do a vehicle wrap for rock star Kid Rock, officially making it one of the coolest projects we’ve ever gotten to do. A vehicle wrap is a great way to showcase a brand, and it’s just another illustration of what SIGNARAMA can do. We were happy to do it for one of Detroit’s hometown stars.

This is also a good example of the power of social media. We used SIGNARAMA’s Facebook page and contacted some of Kid Rock’s local Detroit brands. He has a clothing company “Made in Detroit,” and he also owns a brewery “Badass Beer.” I was logged in under our store’s Facebook page and started contacting Kid Rock’s Detroit companies as well as other Detroit companies, to work on expanding our presence in the community.Kid Rock Badass Beer Truck

The very next morning I received an email from “Made in Detroit,” which is Kid Rock’s main brand in Detroit. They said that it was funny that I/SIGNARAMA posted on their Facebook page because they were considering getting a vehicle wrap for their new “Badass Beer” truck. The whole process went fast forward quickly and SIGNARAMA ended up finalizing a design for the vehicle wrap they had already started. By the end of the week we wrapped a huge, jacked up pickup truck for him in time for his big concert this past summer. It was really cool.

The vehicle wrap was all over the press and was even featured on The Food Channel. There was an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives where Kid Rock was the guest, filmed here in Detroit at various local restaurants. One of the places they visited during the episode was his brewery and when they got back from the commercial break it showed Kid Rock standing in front of the truck that SIGNARAMA had wrapped. It was pretty awesome.

Kid Rock Badass Beer Truck, tailgateIt was funny, after Kid Rock’s vehicle wrap was seen, SIGNARAMA received quite a few phone calls. Just two days ago we got a phone call here at the office from one of the Detroit Lions who has a new pickup truck. His good friend Kid Rock told him personally that he needed to contact us at SIGNARAMA to get a vehicle wrap done.

The player is not wrapping his vehicle to showcase him or the Detroit Lions. He’s wrapping it in kind of a snow camouflage. He saw a pickup truck recently with a similar concept, and loved it. We are going to work on that vehicle wrap next week.

This is a very exciting indicator of the power of social media and networking. Also reinforces why I like Kid Rock so much!

If you’re interested in getting your own vehicle wrapped as a company promotion, promoting your favorite brand, or even because you want something cool on your own vehicle, visit the SIGNARAMA website.

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