Custom Business Banners – What Options are Available?

by Mary Mills on April 10, 2013

There are many different types of business banners available today, which can make the right banner choice a tricky process. Here are some things you should think about before deciding on a banner for your company:

Business Banners

  • Do your business banners need to be printed on one side only, or do you want printing on both sides?
  • Will your business banners be displayed indoors or outdoors?
  • Are your business banners needed for a one time exhibition, or do you need them to be durable and long lasting?
  • What weather conditions are your outdoor business banners likely to endure? Howling winds? Scorching sunshine? Sub-zero temperatures? Perhaps a mixture of all three?
  • What size business banners do you actually need? This largely depends on where the banner will be displayed, so look carefully at the space to determine the right size.
  • Where, exactly, will you display your banners? Are they for use on the street, up a pole, across a store front, at the point of sale, or tied across a couple of trees in the parking lot?

There are plenty of banner options available to suit all of these situations, so once you have decided exactly where, when, and how your banner will be used, you will then be able to decide which is right for your business needs. These tips are useful in making material selection decisions:

  • Mesh banners with liners are suitable for long term usage–both indoor and outdoor–but can only be printed on one side. This is a great option for a banner which will be strung against a wall but, obviously, not effective if you want your message seen on both sides of the banner. This type of material can be printed using both solvent and eco-solvent techniques of digital printing.
  • Some banners are made from either glossy or matte materials which may still only be suitable for printing on one side, but are compatible with more printing techniques – i.e. silk screening, as well as digital and vinyl printing methods.
  • Some heavier, smooth materials can be printed on both sides using silk screening, vinyl, or digital printing. These types of business banners will usually have a plastic feel to them.
  • Ultra heavy duty banners, for indoor or outdoor use, may be made using a much heavier opaque gloss material. This type of fabric is often chosen for pole and street banners because of the sheer durability.

Once you have chosen the banner type and have decided what should actually be printed on your business banners, you should be aware that you may need some accessories in order to display your banner in all its glory. You may need:

  • Ropes to string along the top and bottom of the banner
  • Grommets, to provide strength in the corners
  • A banner stand of some sort – telescopic, compact, or scrolling
  • Brackets and hangers – ceiling hangers, fence hangers, etc.

Following these simple tips, will help you create business banners that are of the appropriate type and that will deliver your message in an effective manner.

For more information on custom business banners, visit the SIGNARAMA website. You can also use our online store locator to find the nearest SIGNARAMA store to help you with your banners and other signage needs.

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