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by Mary Mills on February 18, 2014

Point of sale signs really can make a tremendous difference to the success of any business.  Point of sale strategy, however, must be well thought out and executed correctly to make an impact. Regarding point of sale or point of purchase as the end product is a vital mistake – but a researched point of purchase strategy can make a whole world of difference to your branding and product development.Trade Show Graphics 2

Customized, well designed and well placed point of sale signs can help to engage your customers whilst they are, as some would suggest, at their most vulnerable and open minded.  It is the perfect opportunity to introduce and promote new products, services or customer benefits.

Choosing the right merchandise for your POP strategies is invaluable for the success of your business.  Point of sale strategies are definitely worth lots of time and effort, even the added expense of discussing your marketing strategies with a marketing agency which specializes in POP campaigns.

So, which specific items need to be thought through as you are preparing your point of sale strategy and thinking about point of sale signs or products?

  • Taglines – should be an important consideration in any marketing strategy. Make sure that your taglines are punchy and consistent throughout all marketing materials.
  • Call to action – grabbing your customers attention is one thing, making them do something about it is quite another.  Point of sale signs are actionable items – your customers are making a purchase, it is your job to ensure they choose your product over another.
  • Loyalty programs – point of sale is a very popular location for the placement of promotional materials for loyalty programs. If your business is considering utilizing a loyalty program then this is a terrific place to tell your clients about it and offer guidelines to sign up.
  • Redeeming coupons – the perfect opportunity for clients to fish out their coupons for redemption whilst they are waiting at the point of sale.
  • The type of displays is another important consideration when designing point of sale displays and point of sale signs.
  • Seasonal promotions and incentives are often the focus of the point of sale marketing strategy.

The secret is to pull all of the necessary strategies together in a form that will work for your products, your clients and your business. You will find that some tactics work well for some products and not for others – just another reason why it’s a great idea to brainstorm ideas with your marketing department before making any decisions about your point of sale strategies. It is better to take the extra time to pick the proper strategy to maximize your results, than rushing just to put something out.

When Point of Sales Signs / Strategies Don’t Work

If your previous point of sale strategies and campaigns haven’t managed to reach their targets of success, then it is important to know why. This is all extremely useful information which can influence your future point of sale marketing strategies. Create different types of point of sale signs and strategies and study the success of each individual marketing campaign. If you don’t test different methods you can never really be sure that you are using the best strategy for your business and your products or services.  These strategies can be run over a relatively short time frame just to give you some idea about the best point of sale solutions for your needs.

Here are a few of the different ideas you can utilize in your trial point of sales strategies:

  • Don’t be afraid to try out unusual, unique variations of your usual point of sale signs and packaging.
  • Make sure that your point of sale signs incorporate powerful graphics and messages
  • Don’t forget to include your web address on your point of sale signs.
  • Aim some of your displays at the weakest points of your competitors
  • Experiment with different colors and color schemes than your general marketing signs
  • Create large header and billboard posters to promote your point of sale products

The specific aims of your point of sale strategy should be planned out, but there are several other important factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing and creating your point of sale signs and displays:

  • Your target increase in the sales volume of the products or services
  • Your point of sale budget
  • The additional sales revenue that you are aiming to create
  • Incentives which can be used to promote your point of sale products or services
  • The costs of the various permanent or temporary displays and signs
  • An advertising strategy designed to complement the point of sale promotion
  • Other forms of advertising media that can be implemented to support the success of the promotion
  • Any adjustments needed for primary packaging of the product
  • How this may affect any of the other products in your range
  • Other sales and distribution channels which can be incorporated into your campaign

Knowing when to call in outside help is one area which really separates the truly successful marketing campaigns from the campaigns that fail or do not reach their full potential.  Seeking professional help for the design and creation of your point of sale signs can really make all of the difference to your efforts.Countertop POS custom sign

A point of sale sign may be designed to complement your other business signs and products while also engaging your customers and calling them to action NOW –  at the point of sale.  Experienced business sign professionals and marketing companies with specific point of sale experience can really help your business to soar to new heights.

The most successful entrepreneurs know that they cannot really succeed without partners and allies. The partnership between a growing company and a marketing department with experience in making the most of the point of sale opportunities in any business can really make an enormous difference to the success of that business, brand or product.

To recap, your point of sale signs must engage the customer, arouse their interest, identify the needs and wants of the customer and call them to action to address those needs. That really is all there is to it – in its simplest and most

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