Custom Signs for Summer Sales

by Mary Mills on July 16, 2013

Eye-catching custom signs for summer sales make good business sense in more ways than one. People love sales, and there is nothing like a summer sale to get those cash registers ringing, but you have to get the message across to your customers loud and clear. Custom signs can be strategically placed along the roadside, at busy traffic intersections and close to the front of your store – they can be displayed in the store window to grab the attention of passersby or actually within the store to direct customers towards the items on sale.

Of course there are a whole host of “normal” summer sale signs available with just the two words emblazoned across the center of the sign in capital letters and bright colors. But, these days, an increasing number of people prefer to use individual custom signs to advertise their business’ sales.

Custom SignsIt is remarkably easy to design and create your own custom signs thanks to many online design tools. These are very quick and easy to use (even for people who do not have a background design) and can often incorporate company logos, addresses, telephone numbers . . . even images and photographs can be displayed on custom signs.

Although your summer sale may not run indefinitely, it is still a good idea to purchase custom signs which are durable enough to be used over and over again. This type of sign or banner really can help to increase your business for a very small amount of money, with just a little bit of forethought and planning.

What items should be included in your sale’s custom sign? That really depends upon what is on sale in your store. Here are a few ideas:

  • Think about a custom sign which not only has the words “summer sale,” but also the prices and/or percentages of the reductions available. Many effective custom signs show a “before” price slashed with a line and a “sale price” next to it.
  • Many sale signs have a basic template with space to put your own information – the exact goods or services which are available on sale.
  • The “All Summer Stock Must Go” types of custom signs are very effective, too, particularly if they are well placed in the store front to catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians passing by.
  • Many of the custom signs for summer sales also incorporate the date at which the sale may start or end – letting your customers know that your summer sale is due to start on a future date can ensure that there will be a rush on the first morning to capture the best of the bargains.


There really are many different types of custom signs to choose from to advertise your summer sales.  Visit with a sign stop specialist today to get the best custom sign for your store’s needs.


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