Design Elements of Coroplast Signs

by Ted DeWitt on August 9, 2012

An economical way to advertise your business, Coroplast signs are great for notices that are meant to be up for a short period of time. Coroplast signs are made to grab attention. These signs are often used to advertise upcoming events, like the Covina Rotary Club’s “Field of Valor” event or to advertise a real estate open house. Independent businesses may also use Coroplast signs to advertise that they will be having a flash sale or a sale that is only going on for a week. It’s a great way to promote a one-time, short-run event without spending a lot of money on signage.Home for Sale Sign made of Coroplast

Coroplast signs come in a variety of different colors but typically start off as white. There are two different ways of manufacturing these signs, depending on the desired quantity.

  • If a customer needs only a handful of signs, we will produce their signs internally; this means the signs will be printed on our digital printer on vinyl, and the SIGNARAMA staff will laminate the sign with a clear protective laminate. Finally, we’ll laminate all of that to the Coroplast substrate. This lets you use any kind of design and graphic elements you want, but still have the lower price of the Coroplast
  • For larger quantities, the signs will be printed on a flatbed. In this case, the printing will be done directly on the Coroplast sign material itself.

As far as which process is used, it’s typically a question of time and money. If a customer needs a lot of signs, they can save a lot of money by going the flatbed route, but it will take longer than the lamination process. If you need only one or two signs by tomorrow, you’ll pay a higher price, but will receive them quicker than if we use the flatbed route.

A typical Coroplast sign is 18″ x 24″, although the base material is 4 feet by 8 feet, so your sign size is only limited by your imagination. We’ve created signs that hang in windows, were used as outdoor display signs, and even festival and special event signage. With the ability to use all the different printers at our disposal, you can use any kind of graphic elements you’d like.

Our SIGNARAMA design staff can help you figure out the best ways to design your Coroplast signs for maximum impact and recognition. Just find the SIGNARAMA store near you.

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