Custom Banners Have Special Design Factors

by Dan Royer on December 6, 2012

Custom banners are more than just a quick promotional message or photo and company name. It needs to say the right thing to the right people at the right time. So, needless to say, there are a few design factors to consider for a banner stand.

When creating the perfect custom banners, you will need to take a few things into account. You will want to make sure that your banners speak to your target audience and that they are noticeable enough, but readable from a fair distance.Banner stands for U of Southern Indiana

Since a custom banners are usually found in an office lobby, at a trade show, or even as POS signs in a retail outlet, you want larger text that is readable from a distance. You also need to make sure your colors contrast and are offset from the background color. However, since the technology to make custom banners lets you print photographs, be sure to take advantage of the design possibilities. Make sure to have dark letters over a light photo, and light letters on a dark photo. Ask your SIGNARAMA staff to help you, if necessary.

Most of the custom banners that SIGNARAMA produces are full color photos. Unfortunately, many times an image with a low resolution (low res; 72 dots per inch) is sent in to us, and cannot be used (low res = suitable for web, not for print). If we did use a low res image, when enlarged for banner use, the image would look grainy and pixelated. This would result in a poor quality banner, and not get the client the look or attention he or she wants.

That’s why we prefer photos be at least 300 dpi or larger, especially when we have to expand the photo to several times its original size.

For some custom banners, this is less important as they are typically up on a wall, billboard, or other high place, away from close view. Sometimes, we can use a finished image of 100 dpi, if they’re going to be seen from a distance.

But when creating a custom banner stand that’s going to be viewed up fairly close, like on a trade show floor or in a showroom or retail space, a photo that is as close to print quality (300 dpi) is your best bet.

Of course, if you have any more questions, you can talk to your local SIGNARAMA store, or read more about banner stands on our website.

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