Designing Post And Panel Signs

by Dan Royer on August 15, 2013

Designing post and panel signs is very similar to designing other outdoor signs. You need to use complimentary colors, simple graphic design, readable fonts, and so on. But there are other important design factors to consider for your new post and panel signs.

First, there are only a few materials to choose from: extruded aluminum, PVC, and wood. The strongest, most durable post and panel signs are made from aluminum. The paint has a lifespan of 10 years, and the aluminum can be repainted many times after that. PVC lasts about as long as aluminum, but costs less, while wood signs start to show wear after 5 – 7 years, and cost the same amount as PVC. Wood is an excellent short-term option, such as on new building sites.

Cardiff by the Sea sandblasted signYou can also make post and panel signs with PVC posts and extruded aluminum panels. The lifespan is about the same, but the price can be about half of an all-aluminum sign.

For aluminum signs, the panel comes to the SIGNARAMA store pre-painted by the manufacturer. They have their standard color palette, but you can also request specific PMS colors for an exact color match. You can even use digitally-printed vinyl on the face. Post and panel signs are typically rectangular, but can also be cut into custom shapes, such as a curved top or oval face. You can also use decorative post toppers, like balls and cones.

The visibility and readability of the post and panel signs depends on its distance from the road, which is something your SIGNARAMA professionals can help you with. For example, a sign 100 feet from the road needs three-inch letters, whereas 200 feet requires six-inch letters, and so on.

Some businesses even opt for changeable word bars on their signs, such as displaying several tenants in an office building. You could rearrange tenant names alphabetically, by suite number, or change them out as tenants move in and out. This is much more cost-effective than just having cut vinyl letters of tenant names stuck directly to the sign.

Most post and panel signs are made with two posts, but we’ll sometimes make one-post signs for things like ID signs, parking signs, or directional signs. This ensures everything has the same graphic look and design, and adds to the overall theme of the main sign.

For more information on post and panel signs from SIGNARAMA, please visit our website. You can also use our online store locator to find the SIGNARAMA store nearest you.

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