Designing Sponsorship Banners for Your Festival

by Paula Diaco on April 19, 2012

Designing banners is the top item on your festival planning to-do list. Do you know what you need?

Planning a festival is an exciting time for your organization and the community. Everyone loves an excuse to party, especially around the holidays or during the summer.

But of course, before people can eat, drink and be merry with you, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to let people know what’s happening, and when and where everything is taking place.

That’s a lot of pressure that initial signage. Let’s take a look at how to make the best first impression on your crowd.

The first and most important point to drive home: Less is more!

You probably have a lot of information to share with festival attendees, and it will be tempting to share it all with them from the get-go. After all, the more they know, the more likely they are to act on what they know…right?


Just because your gorgeous, full-color banner can accommodate lots of photos, logos and text doesn’t mean it should.

Here’s all you really need: simple vinyl banners — made from a long-lasting material that will stand up to the elements and regular wear-and-tear from being in public — with the name of your event, plus a clear call to action and a way to respond.

Basic festival banners should include

  • Name and date of the event — “58th Annual Pawnee Days, June 29 & 30”
  • Where it will be held — “Downtown Pawnee”
  • Where to find more information — “”
  • Maybe a photo or logo
  • Contrasting colors. Dark letters on a light background, but not colors that belong to the same “color family” (i.e. green on blue).

Sponsorship banners should include

  • The name of the event, and a few short words about thanking sponsors.
  • Sponsor levels (if necessary)
  • Sponsor’s logos
  • Website for more information. (After all, it’s one more chance to tell people about the festival.)

It may be necessary, if you have a lot of sponsors, to create a couple of banners. One for the big dollar sponsors — maybe they gave enough to warrant their own banner — and one for the smaller sponsors (because we still love them!).

Use these big festival banners as a way to grab people’s attention and hold onto it. Offer people a way to call for more information, visit your website or connect with you through social media. If you’re going to have space for your sponsor’s logos, be sure those logos are in a high enough resolution but simple and clean enough that passersby can actually make out the sponsor’s identity.

Remember: You’re creating eye-catching banners to generate buzz about your festival and its sponsors, not literature meant to tell people everything they need to know. Leave that to the event website and printed brochures later on.

For more information on designing banners, visit the SIGNARAMA products page. And to find your local SIGNARAMA store to get your banners printed, visit our store locator.

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