Different Kinds of Wall Letters

by Casey Valiant on December 4, 2014

People’s perceptions of “wall letters” as a category usually involve the run-of-the-mill vinyl stick-on letters. But it turns out there are several types of wall lettering you’ll find in any corporate, educational, or retail setting. Here are the different types we have available.

For this article, we’re only considering interior wall lettering. Much could be said, and we will later, about exterior lettering like channel letters and other illuminated graphics to go on the outside of a building. To start with, wall letters are almost-strictly indoor lettering. While you could argue that channel letters on an exterior wall could also fit the bill, we only mean letters and graphics used indoors.

Acrylic Wall Letters closeupAt its simplest, wall letters are just that: straightforward, stick-on vinyl letters. These are single color, cut vinyl letters with a peel-off backer, like a decal. They’re often used to put names, words, or quotes onto a wall.

You can also get acrylic wall letters, as well as metal, wood, and even channel letters. Plastic, PVC, and foam are others options, especially if you need lighter letters. Ultimately, we consider not only the look the client wants, but also the strength of the wall, and whether we can put holes in it.

For example, metal wall letters that need to sit out from the wall would need a spacer, and will need a strong, durable wall that we can drill into. We need to use special mounting equipment just to make sure the letters will hold, and the wall has to be sturdy enough to hold the weight.

But if someone is renting the space and can’t damage the walls, or if the wall is not very strong, we may need to use acrylic or foam letters and a non-permanent adhesive, so the letters can be removed later without damaging the walls.

We’re not limited by font choices either. While fonts may make the initial design easier, the letters are really only shapes to us. We’re only cutting shapes out of the raw materials, so we’re not worried about font styles. You can work with a graphic designer to draw the wall letters you would like, and come up with a new idea you won’t find on your computer.

In a business, most signs are more than just wall letters — logos, photos, and other graphics are also appropriate. The goal is to be eye-catching, so more than one element and material is appealing.

Recently, Signarama Evansville created a large wall display for a plastics company’s entryway: 40 feet tall by about 70 feet wide. A project like this was designed to be a statement piece, so we made sure to use several graphical elements, including letters, photos, and even background paint color. Any Signarama professional can help you with your own wall letters and wall design.

To learn more about wall letters for your business or home, visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find the Signarama nearest you.

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