Different Types of POS Signs

by Paula Diaco on January 14, 2014

Point of Sale signs are placed anywhere marketers want to get a visual promotional message across to a potential customer within a retail setting. This means multiple opportunities to reach your target audience again and again. Which kinds of POS signs are commonly used? How can they help promote a company’s or brand’s message? Here are the most common signs we produce for our retail clients at Signarama.

One group of POS signs often seen in retail locations are header cards, which are digital prints on polystyrene backers. These are the brand name signs that grab a customer’s attention as they walk by shelves and specific areas.

Pepsi Floor Graphic

Of course, in a department store, it’s not uncommon to see several different POS signs by the same brand calling attention to particular items within a retail store. This past Christmas, you probably saw dozens of signs in clothing stores calling attention to warm jackets over here, sweaters over there, and sale items back there. These kinds of signs are useful for denoting departments and areas.

While floor graphics are more commonly used in a grocery store setting, we typically don’t see them in other retail settings. These signs will spotlight different commonly purchased products, or can also be used to highlight a new product or new feature.

Shelf cards and display cards are other types of retail POS signs. They’re commonly used to call attention to an advertised item right on the shelves. Some shoppers will make their buying decision based on these POS signs, so it’s a constant battle among brands to fight for shoppers’ attention.

Ceiling-hung signs are meant to grab a shopper’s attention and direct him or her to a particular product or aisle; think of the directional signs in a grocery store telling you where the coffee or cereal is located. Similarly, digital signs can also be used as directional signs, or to call attention to a kiosk or display.

When you’re trying to decide on the kinds of POS signage to use in your store, be sure to speak to your local Signarama store professional; you can find the local Signarama store with our online store locator. And if you’d like to find out more about POS signs, please visit our website.

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