Different Types of Post and Panel Signs

by Alicia Peregory on July 22, 2014

When you think of a post and panel sign, you may have a particular style in mind, without realizing there are other styles to choose from. Depending on your own signage situation, there may be one type of sign that’s better suited to your individual needs than another. Here are the most common materials used to make a post and panel sign for your business.


Post and Panel Sign 2One of the most common post and panel sign materials, it’s known for its stiffness and durability, as well as its sleek, modern look. The panel is usually a colored background with vinyl letters or graphics adhered to the surface. The aluminum can be painted, fabricated in that particular color, or even have a vinyl background laminated to it. The extra stiffness of the panel comes from the aluminum shell and plastic core.

MDO: Medium Density Overlay Board

MDO, or Medium Density Overlay, is similar to plywood in its construction, and lends itself to large temporary signs. It has a laminated wood core, usually made from sawdust and glue, and a vinyl-based surface. It usually comes with as smooth white finish, and we can stick cut vinyl letters or even an entire vinyl graphic to the surface. You’ll often see MDO post and panel signs at construction sites, because they’re only going to be in place for a few months. Builders use them to promote their company, and the building owner will use it to advertise their new business. This sign will eventually be replaced by something more permanent and suitable for the setting.

Foam Core Sign

Post and Panel Sign 1Similar to the aluminum signs, a foam core sign is lightweight but durable, thanks to its tough exterior surface, which can withstand harsh weather and flying debris. The foam signs are often used in monument signs, where they can be surfaced with a stucco finish or left smooth. However, they can also be used with 4×4 wood or fiberglass posts to give a lighter look than the stone and brick pillars of a monument sign.

LED Panels

Not all post and panel signs are the short ones in front of small buildings. When you consider it, even the tall lighted panel signs and LED signs in front of a plaza or mall are really a post and panel sign. The posts can be 12 – 20 feet tall, made from steel or aluminum, and filled with concrete for strength and stability. The panel can be a light box with PVC vinyl faces, or an outdoor LED panel. The LED panel lets you promote several businesses, or to broadcast messages to passing traffic.

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