Different Types of Window Graphics

by Casey Valiant on May 22, 2014

When most people hear “window graphics,” they immediately think of the large semi-transparent posters that fill up store windows. Others think of vinyl signs. And still others think of car decals. There are actually several different styles of window graphics, and we’ll take a look at each of them.

Cut Vinyl Window Graphics

Coffee shop window graphic covering the entire windowAvailable in both a single color and contrasting colors, you can get cut vinyl as a low-priced option for window graphics. Whether it’s for your car or storefront, cut vinyl graphics are usually not as obtrusive as the full size designs. But if they’re done properly, they can stand out almost as well as a full color, full-size window decal. For example, use a white or light color vinyl to contrast with the much darker window interior. This way, even the inside of the car or store can serve as a “color” for the overall effect.

Perforated Vinyl

The perforated vinyl window graphics have tiny holes poked in them to allow you to see out through them, but will not let people see inside (very easily). They can fill up an entire storefront or car window to an amazing effect.

Opaque Vinyl

Similar to perforated vinyl, except you can’t see through it at all. Even on the perforated style, if you get up close to the windows, you can see inside. But with opaque vinyl, it’s just not possible. Great for privacy and keeping prying eyes from inside your space. However, it cannot be used on a car.

Etched Glass Vinyl Treatments

Also called frosted crystal vinyl and dusted crystal vinyl, these two window graphics are actually frosted translucent vinyl that keep people from seeing in, but still allows light to pass through. You can make out basic shapes and movement with the styles (especially the dusted crystal), but they’re similar to perforated vinyl in terms of giving you privacy. This also means it’s not allowed on car windows. You can even use the frosted or dusted crystal in a cut vinyl fashion to put your logo on a storefront window to make it look like your window has been etched.

For more information on these types of window graphics for your own office, visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find the Signarama nearest you.

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