Digital Signage – Basic 101 for Business Owners

by Signarama on September 12, 2017

Digital signage is the future of signage.   Whether it is projected images on building, large high res screens in lobbies or digital outside message centers, the technology keeps getting better looking, more affordable and easier to implement.         The days of back-lit signs and banners are limited, but I won’t venture a guess for how long – could be decades!

We are all seeing digital signage more frequently – menu boards in restaurants, digital directories in office building, and message centers outside of drug stores promoting paper towels for only 50 cents a roll!

Here are some basic descriptions of the products and how you may find effective, affordable implementations for your business or organization!

MENU SYSTEMS – Digital menu systems are wonderful for restaurant managers.  They update easily, can be combined with your point of sale system to ensure pricing updates are effortless, and let them easily promote new products, test out pricing ideas, and freshen content from breakfast to lunch to dinner.  Franchises or multiple location owners in particular find value in controlling remotely what is being promoted and priced.

INTERIOR DISPLAYS – Businesses where clients or employees linger for longer periods of time find interior digital message screens a great way to share marketing messages or even HR messaging.  Want to promote to your clients in the waiting are a new service or product?  Effortless!  Want employees to know the sign up for new insurance coverage is happening tomorrow?  Effortless!   Some business even create a kind of digital showroom, using a scrolling display of product images makes it easier for clients to know exactly what you offer.

EXTERIOR DISPLAYS – Some might find those drug store electronic message centers annoying, but they are there for a reason— THEY WORK.  They are significantly more visible than traditional message signs with changeable letters, and they let the stores manage specials and drive traffic right into the business.  Some businesses – like restaurants – report massive increases of business when they promote lunch or dinner specials and have found they have to be judicious on what they promote to prevent running out of product.  The quality of the imaging is improving all the time.  Making changes to these signs is now becoming easier and easier, allowing business owners to change the programming remotely from any location connected to the internet.

If you are interested in learning how digital signage can maximize your messaging and save you time and effort, give us a call!



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