Digital Signage Trends for 2017

by Alicia Peregory on December 27, 2016

Digital Signage Trends for 2017

It’s anticipated that businesses will invest $13.8 billion in digital signage in 2017. From digital menus to lobby signs, digital directories to kiosks, the use of digital signage is growing and consequently changing the way customers interact with businesses. Whether your business is restaurants, retail, gas and oil, transportation, or healthcare, the trend toward digital signage is something that can have positive effects on your future sales.

Undeniable Benefits

One of the benefits of digital signage is the interactive aspect of this new media. Through touch screen features or mobile interactions, customers are able to interact personally with a business’s displays, creating a memorable experience that they are more likely to remember and associate with the brand in the future. Customer interaction can also be easily tracked, helping businesses identify buying trends and customer interests. This provides businesses with important feedback that can help them appeal to specific customer bases and, ultimately, increase their sales.

Digital Kiosks are Trending and Seeing Results

Digital kiosks and tablets are a growing trend in the realm of digital signage. Self-service, digital kiosks are already becoming the norm at airports, but their popularity is growing in other industries as well. A recent study found that 88% of restaurant customers said they would be apt to use a digital tabletop ordering system if it was available. Such services provide benefits to both customers and businesses. Customers are satisfied that they can choose from a wide variety of options available on a digital database and navigate their order at their own pace.

Businesses who have implemented such systems have actually seen an increase in spending on digital orders. Taco Bell, for example, found that customers who ordered via their digital app spent roughly 20% more than those who ordered from human cashiers. Theaters saw a similar trend in increased spending via digital ordering systems. The difference was largely due to the selection of additional ingredients, suggesting people may be more apt to add on their order digitally than they are in person.

Tracking Customer Information Made Easier

Customer profiling through the use of digital signage is also increasing. Customer profiling refers to the process of gathering customer data and purchasing trends anonymously every time a purchase is made. This kind of data gathering is much more efficient than voluntary surveys, which take time create, send out, gather, and assess. Digital data is immediate and can assess a wide variety of purchasing trends. Walmart, for example, already gathers and uses profiling information from their customers every day to increase their sales (which rank at $36 million a day nationally).

One form profiling can take is assessing the paths customers take as they navigate a store and their subsequent buying behavior. This helps businesses assess where displays, advertisements, and products should be placed to best catch customers’ attention and drive sales.

Digital Displays & Social Media Work Hand-in-Hand

Another trend that is not slowing down is the use of social media with digital displays. Social media is pervasive in our everyday lives and businesses who don’t harness its power would be remiss. The benefits of social media for businesses is that it puts the power of advertising in the customers’ hands. For example, creating a hashtag that customers can use when they snap selfies or tweet an image of your product creates a worldwide advertising campaign, driven by customers and very often, at little cost to you. Highlighting these posts on in-store digital displays encourages participation and rewards customers for their actions, which in turn encourages new purchases and increases sales.

With 42% of shoppers indicating that they would prefer to shop somewhere with in-store video displays, businesses cannot ignore the fact that digital signage is the wave of the future. Whether your business is in restaurants, retail, or any other industry, the flexibility and increasing affordability of such signage makes it an ever more powerful way for you to attract customers and increase sales.

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