by Maggie Harlow on September 19, 2017

For many of our customers the “feel” of their signage matters more than visibility and being in-your-face.  There are instances where a sign is necessary, but being restrained, artful and interesting takes precedent over being highly visible and impactful.

Dimensional letters are the perfect option for those situations.  They offer flexibility of material, appearance and budget and can be used in almost every possible scenario – indoors, outdoors, and attach to virtually any surface.

PLASTIC LETTERS – Plastics and acrylics are amazingly flexible for lettering.  They can be formed, giving highly 3D effect to letters, or flat cut out of sheet, which is affordable and fast. Painted finishes make them virtually indistinguishable from metals and other materials and they are lightweight and durable.  PVC (polyvinylchloride) is one of the most affordable materials, comes in a range of thicknesses and put super-affordable and impactful signage in reach of most clients.

METAL LETTERS – Some situations call for real metal letters, which are most frequently made of aluminum.  Metal can be poured – called “cast” – to make thick, substantial looking letters – or it can be cut from metal sheet like plastic, making them fast and affordable as well.  Metal lends itself to either being painted or allowing the natural finish of the metal to be seen.  In bronze or brass the finish changes over the generations for an effect that many customers love. Painted finishes give total flexibility, and we can even mimic a patina of bronze on an aluminum letter.

OTHER MATERIALS – We see letters being made out of a wide range of foams, laminates, plastics and vinyls that give amazing range to design and final appearance.  For example, for interior signage, foam can be painted and laminated to look like metal at a fraction of the price and are so lightweight a little tape is all you need to install.

Ready to find a classy, high end appearance to your signage?  Let us show you some dimensional options!


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Rosanna September 30, 2017 at 7:06 pm

Interested in seeing what you could do for our Building Entrance.

Rachel October 13, 2017 at 9:03 am

Hi Rosanna,
Where are you located? I can send you our closest location and they can work with you!

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