Electronic Message Center Buying Factors

by Kevin McCord on May 11, 2013

Electronic message centers are becoming an imperative part of business signage. Since they are a newer medium, however, many companies are approaching the use of electronic message centers without considering key factors. There are many variables to take into consideration before purchasing a system, but if you work closely with your local SIGNARAMA store, you are sure to get an electronic message system that will increase customer knowledge and blend seamlessly with the other marketing aspects of your business.

Screen Resolution And Matrix

Electronic Message Center 4Screen resolution should always be considered first. The overall size of your electronic message center will dictate the necessary requirements. Use and intent are also a factor, for instance, are you purchasing the system to display time and temperature only, or full-color photos?

Once size is determined it is time to focus your attention on the matrix of the message center. The matrix is how many pixels tall by how many pixels wide. Overall size plus the matrix will determine your message center’s resolution.

Let’s say you are going to use a 25 millimeter pitch (there are 25 mm in an inch). A pitch is the measurement from the center of one pixel to the center of the next pixel. So, a 25 mm pitch means there are 25 pixels in an inch.

Depending upon the viewing distance of your message center, a 25 millimeter pitch may work fine. However, longer viewing distances may need a tighter pixel pitch, like 20 mm. Remember, the smaller the pixel pitch the more pixels per square foot. The more pixels per square foot, the better the resolution, which means you can show higher-resolution photos and images.

Weather And Your Electronic Message Center

A quality electronic message center will stand up to weather of all types. These systems are made to be used outdoors. Every electronic message center SIGNARAMA builds is coated with a weather-resistant epoxy coat. This eliminates any weather concerns, regardless of where your new company sign is placed.

Will You Need Permits?

Permitting can be an issue depending upon where your electronic message center will be located. Many times, restrictions on permits are limited to motion. Thus, eliminating things like flying words or short videos might take you out of the permit requirements. However, you may also need permits based on size and location, as well as electrical inspections. Your SIGNARAMA store will be able to help you with all permits and inspections.

What Tools Do I Need?

Updating an electronic message center is pretty simple. You’ll use a basic computer program that’s installed on your computer and controlled via your company’s wireless network. You can even use a cell phone connection to control and update messages. Again, your SIGNARAMA store can help you with these products.

For more information on electronic message centers, you can visit our website. You can also use our online store locator to find the SIGNARAMA store nearest you.

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