Empty Window or Attractive Advertising Space?

by Alicia Peregory on September 5, 2015

Operating a successful retail business that attracts customers and drives sales requires attractive signage. Quality signs are easy and effective at driving foot traffic and communicating with customers what your store offers and where to find products. But it doesn’t make sense to keep all of the signage within the store itself. Windows are a great space to advertise your business to passersby but they need to be done in a way that doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of your store. Here are some tips:

Be Specific

A custom sign for your store window should have the right message for the location it is in. This is called narrowcasting. When designing a sign, include specific details including product information and/or sale information.

Let’s say you’re a ccoffee-shop-window-graphicsoffee shop owner and you want to promote your newest coffee beverage. A window decal can be a great way to entice locals to stop in to your coffee shop to try your tasty new treat. A window decal should contain an image of the beverage, the name of the beverage (as long as it’s clear what it is) and possibly the cost. This gives anyone who walks by an idea of what they can expect if the stop in for your new concoction.

Make A Call-To-Action

Signs are advertisements and should always have a goal behind them. If you’re goal is simply to have a customer come into your store to make a purchase, than design your sign with that goal in mind. Even a simple goal is an important one.

Make it Persuasive

When it comes to good signage, it can not hurt to invest in good photography. A beautiful shot plate of food with good lighting and styling will always sell well. Put a lot of thought into the sign that will be posted on your window. This is a great way to market your products.

Display Important Information

Your window display doesn’t have to be only about marketing your products. You can also use this space to inform customers about your hours, your contact information, or upcoming events. Good signage tells your customers a story and should leave them feeling like they are more knowledgeable of your brand than before.

Your window is real estate in your store that has a lot of potential. Consider adding a beautiful sign from Signarama now.


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