Five Tips for Window Graphics Art Work

by Casey Valiant on May 8, 2012

1. Window graphics on cars, trucks and storefronts

Window graphics are not just for cars. They are signs that can be placed in commercial storefronts, mirrors, or even large interior windows. When sending window graphic artwork in to your local SIGNARAMA to be printed, you will need to keep a few things in mind to streamline the process, and move beyond the simple stick figure artwork commonly seen on car rear windows.

2. Your message, custom designed for your windows

Window graphics can run the entire gamut of file complexity – from the aforementioned line art vinyl to full high-resolution images (300 or 600 dpi — dots per inch). Additionally, most car-covering window graphics use a perforated material. This allows those inside the car to see out but those outside the car cannot see in very easily. The graphic will still contain enough of the vinyl to be seen as a whole, complete picture from a few feet away with the full-colored graphics.

Be aware that tiny text can get lost when using the perforated material, so choose large text in order to be seen. Text on a moving car needs to be read from a distance. Text seen by pedestrians can be a little smaller, but should still be large enough to be eye-catching.

3. Branding, branding, branding

Let your type of business dictate what type of window graphics you use. If your company sells beach tours, it would be worthwhile to cover your company car’s windows or storefront windows with beach window graphics. However, beach graphics would not be used for a car insurance salesman. But you’d be surprised at the people who put something bright and colorful on their vehicle or storefront with something that has nothing to do with their business.

Additionally, be choosy when selecting colors for your window graphics. If you choose the perforated material option, understand that while your image will print just as brightly, the lighting from inside or outside the store/vehicle can change the look of your sign from a distance. Your sign can look brighter or darker, depending on the light, so avoid using too many colors that might get washed out or lost in different lighting conditions.

Window graphics are perforated to let you see in and out. This affects tiny lettering.


4. Window graphics and the law

Be aware of your particular state’s laws and city’s rules when dealing with storefront window permitting, because it often counts as signage. Generally, you will need to apply for a permit before applying window graphics to your storefront.

States have different levels of acceptability for vehicle window visibility as well. What’s considered too dark in one city or state may be acceptable in other cities and states. Every locale will be different, so if you travel frequently, be aware of this.

If you have any questions about the laws in your area, contact your local SIGNARAMA professional. They can assist you in acquiring permits and answering any other questions about using signage legally.

5. Window graphics = effective marketing

Window graphics can transform your vehicle into a rolling marketing machine, and your storefront into a localized billboard that will entice people into your store. Check with your local SIGNARAMA store for more information on how they can help you design and create some outstanding window graphics.

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