Five Unusual Trade Show Graphics

by Casey Valiant on December 15, 2015

Trade show graphics are more than just posters on pop-up displays, or even full-sized pop-up backgrounds. There are other non-traditional graphics you can use if you want to make a big splash at your next trade show or exhibition. Here are a few ideas to try:

1. Full-Color Vinyl Banners

Don’t just hang these in front of your booth table. Contact show management and see if they’ll let you hang your banners from the ceiling. The installation costs will be a bit pricey, but some shows will let you hang your banners over your booth. This way, your trade show graphics will be visible from several aisles away. It’s a little tricky to get hanging banners to lay right, so be sure to let your Signarama pro know what you’re going to do. They’ll make the necessary recommendations.

2. Digital Signage

Trade show digital signageRather than using static posters and photos in your booth, digital signage gives you an ever-changing display, where you can rotate through different photos, pieces of information, and even video clips. And with a large display, you can make sure your digital graphics can be seen from a far-off distance as well. Point the screen at the aisle (or the most-trafficked aisle if you’re on a corner or peninsula), so it can catch visitors’ attention.

3. Posters Throughout the Exhibit Hall

Some shows will also — in exchange for sponsorship dollars — let you place posters or banners in different areas of the exhibit hall, like on the way to the concession areas, near the bathrooms, or the walkway between the hotel and the expo hall. This way, you’re earning name recognition and reaching people throughout the show, not just when they walk past your aisle.

4. Rotating Graphics

How about placing your graphics on a post and turntable so they can be seen above the other displays, but without hanging from a ceiling? It’s possible to use a small motor to turn the display so the motion can catch people’s eyes, and still stay below some trade shows’ height requirements. Again, be sure to check your show regulations and talk to your Signarama representative about your different options.

5. Cutout Celebrity

Here at the office, we have a small cardboard cutout of my dad that we call Flat Walter. Flat Walter is over 5 feet tall, and we take him to various Signarama events we visit, such as the World Expo. People have heard of him, and want their photos taken with Flat Walter. We also have a 12″ cutout we take to other events.

Do you have someone in your office, or even a company mascot, you could turn into a 5′ cutout? We’ve seen companies use these cutouts as booth attractions, so people can take their photos with the large colorful mascots, and attract fun attention to their booths.

There are any number of options for trade show graphics, beyond the typical posters. With some imagination and help from your local Signarama representative, you can come up with any number of different options.

For more information on trade show graphics and other display signs, please visit the Signarama website. To find your local Signarama dealer, you can also use our online store locator.

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