Five Ways To Create A Rolling Billboard

by Susan Bogen on July 17, 2012

Your car or truck can be a great rolling billboard, advertising your business wherever you go. We at SIGNARAMA have created all kinds of vehicle graphics for business owners as a way for them to promote their businesses, and it’s paid off.

Consider that a vehicle graphic generates 700 – 1,000 impressions per mile that you drive in your community (based on its demographics and location). When you figure the cost per impression, it can come out to the hundredths or thousandths of a cent ($.0001 per impression).

Here are five ways you can turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard for your business:

Examples of vinyl vehicle lettering

1. Full Vehicle Wraps

We love doing full vehicle wraps, because the car is no longer a sign, it’s an experience. We’ve seen some gorgeous, full-color wraps that look like beaches, swimming pools, and TV screens. A full-vehicle wrap lets you take advantage of your vehicle’s full size.

2. Partial Vehicle Wraps

A partial vehicle wrap is another option for the person who wants to take advantage of the look and pizazz of a full wrap, but may not have the budget for one. A partial wrap can also take advantage of a vehicle’s color to use as part of the design palette.

3. Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are a temporary solution that lets you be creative without doing anything too permanent (a vehicle wrap typically lasts 3 – 5 years; a vehicle magnet can be pulled off and reapplied as many times as you want). While there are a few standard sizes, you can put almost anything on a vehicle magnet. Keep the design simple — a logo and a phone number — plus any background you may want.

4. Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

This is a low-cost, but permanent solution. You can get vinyl lettering applied to your vehicle of just a company name and phone number. This is straight-ahead, no-nonsense installation of some vehicle graphics, but thanks to our computers and cutters, we can come up with some interesting designs and looks.

5. Car Toppers

These are the dorsal fins you see on top of cars, like taxi cabs and pizza delivery cars. These can be as simple or as colorful as you’d like, and are an inexpensive and temporary way to promote your business. Have a delivery service? Put a branded car topper on your driver’s car. She can take it off when she’s done, and if she ever leaves your service, you can put the topper on the new driver’s car.
Photo credit: SIGNARAMA Evansville (with permission)

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