Four Basic Custom Signs

by Mary Mills on March 4, 2013

Custom signs make up a majority of new signs by sign manufacturers. There are the basic standard traffic signs — stop, yield, merge right, stop ahead — but beyond that, there are not many standard signs widely used everywhere. Even basic street signs are actually considered custom signs, because they differ from street to street.

Any other signs that do not fit in that category are custom signs: business signs, vinyl banners, sand-blasted signs, and even hanging signs and billboards.

These are four custom signs commonly created by professional sign makers.

Custom Signs1) Engraved Signs: An engraved sign is usually made of stone, wood, glass, metal, or even dense plastic that has the words and images carved out of it. They’re usually used as name or door plates, directory signs, or even office signs. They can be carved out with a machine, such as a router, or even precisely carved with a laser, which are ideal for graphic images that have a lot of detail. These signs are usually found in high-end settings where the owner wants to convey a sense of elegance and class.

2) Sand-blasted signs: The opposite of engraved signs. With an engraved sign, the letters are carved out of the material. For a sand-blasted sign, the outer material is blasted away and the letters and graphics are left in place. Sandblasted signs are made from laminated wood or a high density urethane, and are more artistic and give a sense of depth. These types of custom signs are usually mounted between posts or on a pole, and are seen outside a town, neighborhood, or even parks, resorts, and residential neighborhoods.

3) Vehicle graphics: Although these can be applied to fleets of vehicles, very often these are custom signs only because a business owner just needs one or two. A contractor or small business owner can use car wraps as a way to promote their business. Similarly, boat wraps are used by professional fishermen who want to showcase their sponsors. These are considered custom signs even though they’re used on vehicles, rather than placed on a post.

Channel Letters by SIGNARAMA4) Channel Letters: Channel letters are individually formed and lighted letters that can range anywhere from a few inches to a few feet in height, making them the ultimate in custom signs. They are mounted to a building, and can be lit for everyone to see. While these can be reproduced over and over for a chain of stores, what makes them unique is that each letter has to be created from scratch to exacting design specs, and then illuminated and waterproofed.

When looking for a sign maker, it is important to find someone who has the experience, training, and equipment to make the custom signs that will fit the customer’s exact needs, specifications, and image. These signs will reflect the owner’s image and vision, so it is the perfect chance to show the public their best face with a gorgeous, attention-grabbing custom sign.

For more information on custom signs, be sure to visit our website. You can also use our store locator to find the SIGNARAMA store nearest you.

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