Four Other Uses for Banner Stands

by Alicia Peregory on June 19, 2014

Banner stands, also called retractable banners, are usually spotted in trade show environments and other temporary settings where they can be taken down, rolled up, and sent back to the office until the next special event.

But retractable banner stands have some other uses, beyond the traditional ones. Since they’re light, compact, and can be easily carried, they can be set up anytime, anywhere you need additional visuals.

Here are four other uses for banner stands.

Three Retractable Banners

  1. Welcome Signs: A lot of companies use their stands for special events and trade shows, but stick them back in storage when the event is over. Why not put them to regular use? Stick them in the lobby for everyone to see when they come into the office. It’s a way to add a colorful artistic look to the decor, without putting up anything permanent or expensive. If the decor changes, or you’re just tired of the artwork, change out the banner. It costs a lot less than redecorating the entire office.
  2. Directional signs: Whether putting them up at a convention, or using them inside your office building, banner stands can be used as non-permanent directional signs. We’ve been to several conventions where pop-up banners are used to point convention goers in the right direction, or to steer them down the right trade show aisle.
  3. Retail Marketing: We’ve talked about retail stores that use wall graphics to promote their new seasonal line or a particular department. But there may be times when wall graphics are too expensive, the landlord won’t let you put them up, or you need something smaller for a shorter amount of time. This is where banner stands can come in handy. Supplier can also send stands to their retailers as part of a promotional campaign.
  4. Trade Show Backdrop: Rather than purchase a $3000 – $5000 backdrop, consider 3 – 5 banner stands instead. They’re lighter than the two cases required for the regular backdrop, and much faster and easier to set up. The pros at your local Signarama shop can even produce a graphic that, when the stands are placed together, creates a complete picture.

For more information on using banner stands for your own business, please visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find the Signarama nearest you.

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