Design Custom Signs With These Four Tips

by Peter Bretl on August 30, 2012

Custom signs are some of the best ways to get a lasting message across to potential customers and visitors Signs exist to advertise businesses, offer services, announce public events, persuade political process, inform individuals about things going on, among many other things. What about your sign?

Your custom signs should have effective visual communication; your sign should be saying something without actually making a sound. How are you, as a business, supposed to effectively communicate this message? Here are 4 tips for effective designs for custom signs.

Why: The first thing you need to do before you even consider designing your custom signs is decide why you are putting them up.

  • What purpose will these custom signs serve?
  • How will your words and graphics make up your message?
  • Are you hoping to inform your customers about a new promotion or item?
  • Are you trying to direct your customers and non-customers to a certain action?
  • Are you trying to sell a product or maybe even some larger concept?

It’s important to know why you are making your sign so that you can decide what it shall look like and where it shall go.

Where: This next important point comes after the larger concepts about your custom signs. Where are you going to put your signs? If your sign is going to be a big, by the side of the highway billboard just to draw in traffic, that’s a totally different sign than a small storefront sign on the tiny main strip of any-small town USA. Some of the key questions to consider during the planning phase are things such as:

  • What is the viewing distance?
  • What is the sign to be used for?
  • How much is your sign budget?
  • Is there a time constraint on this sign, or is it going to be out in perpetuity?

There is nothing worse for your customers to see than an old, out of date sign that has been sitting on the side of the highway and falling apart because you didn’t consider the time constraints of your event. You could do yourself a favor if you’re going to be on a limited time schedule for this sign, and pre-order a more general sign to swap out after the event’s time has passed.

What: After you know where your custom signs will be and what grand concept they will show, you need to decide how you are going to get this message across.

  • What are the best practices for effective visual communication?
  • Might you be using pictures?
  • Just words?
  • Are you going to create a whole panorama?

One of the things you should be aware of for effective visual communication is how long your custom signs will take to understand. Some of the best custom signs in the world go up on big city highways all the time. When people are driving though; even when they’re stuck in traffic; they don’t have any time to appreciate your beautiful design. It makes a lot of sense to put yourself in their shoes; how long would it take you to happen upon your sign? That’s how long the message on your custom signs should be.

How: Finally you need to utilize all the effective design principles so that your message strikes home. Your sign has to have visibility, readability, noticeability, and legibility. Resist your artistic side and sway on the side of careful consideration when choosing your design style.

Custom signs carry messages out to the world. Use your effective visual communication strategies and your sign can do the same for your business.

Learn more about custom signs at the SIGNARAMA website, or use our store locator to find your nearest SIGNARAMA store.

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