Four Types of Signs You May Not Have Thought Of

by Mary Mills on February 27, 2013

There are signs everywhere for just about any occasion and situation. When people talk about the signs they need for an event, a profession, or a building, they tend to forget about them until someone asks on the day of the big event or grand opening, “What about these?”

So, in no particular order, here are four signs that people tend to think of, and the situations where they can be used:

1) Way Finding Signs for Festivals or Special Events
Directional Corflute SignEveryone remembers to get the vinyl banners announcing a festival, but did you think about how you’re going to direct people to the music stage, the food booths, and the “facilities?” Create a big map of the festival site, and find different traffic points where people will stop and wonder, “which way to the barbecued turkey legs?” and stick a way finding sign on that spot. That will tell you how many and what to order.

2) Yard Signs for Contractors
When contractors do work in a home or business, one of the first things they should do is stick a yard sign in their client’s yard to tell the neighbors what’s going on at the house. Not only does it tell people what all the noise is about, but it’s also a great way to alert them to what kind of work could be done on their own house. Whether it’s new windows, a new kitchen, or even a whole new landscape, a yard sign or two will spread the word easier than knocking on every door on the block.

3) Safety Signs for the Worksite
If you open a new warehouse or factory, you may not have thought about safety signs for the workers to know where potentially hazardous areas are: it could be a loading dock, a large piece of machinery, or even a commonly-used path by forklifts. But signs are often required by OSHA and local safety requirements. Check with a safety compliance officer or consultant for further guidance on what signs are required and where.

4) Sidewalk Signs
Sidewalk sign for child careA business that needs to catch people’s attention, especially those with a lot of foot traffic, should consider a sidewalk sign. They’re big enough to catch someone’s eye, and can be brought in at night at closing time to prevent vandalism or theft. You can even get a sidewalk sign that lets you write on it with chalk, so you can tell people about the daily special.

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