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by Casey Valiant on June 27, 2013

In store sign displays are more than just posters on the wall and flyers by the cash register. Grocery stores are a great example. The displays are everywhere: from the giant decals on the floor to the advertising placards in the grocery carts. All of these in store sign displays have one purpose – grabbing your attention in an effort to get your purchasing dollars.

A type of in store sign that many companies take advantage of are custom-made boxes. These colorful boxes can be cut and folded into interesting shapes to grab interest and attention, while beautifully packaging your product and providing information.

Custom Recycling BoxesMany print companies require large run custom box orders because they do not have the technology available to do shorter runs in a cost effective manner. SIGNARAMA is different. At SIGNARAMA, we have the ability to make short run custom-made boxes and other in store sign displays using a CNC router. All sizes and styles are available to make your creation truly custom. Typically, these in store sign displays are made with a thin piece of cardboard, but our machines can handle thicker materials if needed.

SIGNARAMA’s cutting-edge technology makes the design and creation of in store sign displays (like custom-made boxes) quick and easy. Our software allows us to enter the dimensions needed and then gives our customers the opportunity to see the end product mocked up on the computer. From here, we are able to make adjustments, knowing the end result before we even make the first cut. Once the final custom creation is set, the program prints an unfolded cut path on the cardboard. Our SIGNARAMA employees then use the CNC router to cut along the cut paths, and put the creases into the cardboard. The final step involves printing directly to the finished box, folding it up, and voila! the box is complete!

While there are companies that specialize in making very large orders of custom-made boxes — thousands at a time — our specialty is short run orders, usually for prototyping or use in a few specialty stores. Our primary clients for these custom-made boxes are small companies, or marketing agencies that want a prototype of an in store sign display to show a client. With the technology at SIGNARAMA these in store sign displays can be as simple or as complex as you want.

For more information about creating in store sign displays or other point of sale products, visit our website. You can also find your local SIGNARAMA store, including the SIGNARAMA Evansville store, with our online store locator.

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Margarita Law July 1, 2013 at 8:08 pm

Those custom boxes are beautiful!! I can say that this can really attract attention and by that, we hope that they can put on their garbage on the right designation. Signarama did a very great innovation with these garbage boxes and I wish to see more designs of this.

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