Get One-Way Window Graphics with Window Perf

by Nancy Rosenberg on May 21, 2013

Window graphics should make a bold statement, but they should not block your view. Thanks to the perforated material used for today’s window graphics, you can have a dazzling new look that catches everyone’s attention, but doesn’t limit your visibility.

Think of Las Vegas. In the windows of Vegas, for example, curious bystanders cannot see into the exciting casinos. Instead, their visual senses are tantalized with luxurious window graphics that allow people on the inside to see out to the streets, and keep passers-by from seeing in. These graphics are a way to advertise, of course, but they also serve as a way to tease the consumer to come in and allow himself to fully experience what may be going on behind those obscured windows.

Window GraphicsPerforated graphics are full-color print vinyl. The tiny holes punched into the vinyl are small enough that, if viewed from the front, you can still see the brightly-colored images.

These types of window graphics allow for a great deal of flexibility when covering up a storefront window. Some people might recognize these graphics as the same type of graphics that grace rear windows of cars. These images are printed on a regular printer, laminated for durability, and are then applied to the outside of the glass. Perforated window graphics can also be applied to glass doors, as well as windows, further enticing the consumer into the store.

While these perforated graphics can also be used on vehicles, there may be certain restrictions as to what can and cannot be covered. (We often only apply them to the rear windows of vehicles.) It is best to check on this prior to having your car covered.

Your local SIGNARAMA franchise knows the ropes and can give you the information needed to correctly install a one-way window graphic, both for your store windows and your vehicles. You can also find more information on window graphics on our website.

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